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Philips Releases ProntoEdit Professional v2.3.17
Upgrade adds WPA2 support to panels and new ProntoScript features.
Posted by Daniel Tonks on July 24, 2009 at 6:38 PM
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Philips has just released a full suite of upgrades to their lineup of Pronto Professional color control panels. The star of the show is a major enhancement to all WiFi models with the addition of WPA2 encryption – previously limited to ordinary WEP. Panels should also see better roaming and improved response time after wake-up.

The ProntoEdit Professional application itself has seen improvements to the handling of high resolution monitors, a new snap-to-grid feature, along with major enhancements to ProntoScript such as new library support, encrypted libraries, a debugger tool and more.

A list of major enhancements as provided by Philips is below.

  • WPA2 support: the Prontos can now be used in a more secure WPA environment. As WPA takes more time to authenticate and associate the response time of a first button press on the panel in sleep mode will take 1-2 sec.

  • Roaming: Advanced settings in the PEP2 editor allow better roaming behavior (reconnection to another access point when moving the Pronto through the home). See System Properties –Network – Advanced WiFi button.

  • Improved control panel response after wake-up: In the advanced network settings you can indicate in more detail the amount of access points used and the used WiFi channels. When set properly this will improve the panel response after wake up.

  • ProntoScript: Libraries are now supported. These re-usable JavaScript files offer more efficient programming of ProntoScript (see Developer’s Guide for more information). Several example libraries are present in the editor.

  • ProntoScript: Encryption of modules: In fact there is the possibility to encrypt libraries, but by storing essential information in libraries the creator can prevent unauthorized use of his work. To encrypt right-click in the editor (building blocks - ProntoScript Libraries) on the library icon and choose ‘Protect Library’.

  • ProntoScript: Get Pronto serial number: You can ask within the script for the serial number of the attached Pronto. This is useful in case you want to sell a ProntoScript module and you wish to link it to a specific Pronto.

  • ProntoScript Debugger: As part of the Simulator you can start up the Debugger to analyze the Script by e.g. setting break points and monitor variable values. Especially for more complex scripts the Debugger will improve the efficiency. The Debugger is available in the Simulator under Tools.

  • ProntoScript: Go to sleep management: Before going to sleep now first events can be handled on the panel to make sure essential data is not lost.

  • Extenders: Various improvements were done on the serial communication behavior and stability.

  • PEP2 editor: Automatic resizing of the windows: When a high resolution monitor is used the Page view will automatically double its size.

  • PEP2 editor: The editor will after first installation open in Standard View mode. ProntoScript related features are then hidden. In Tools – Options – General Settings the Advanced View mode can be selected, showing all available functionality.

  • PEP2 editor: A grid and Snap to grid function is added. In Tools – Options – Grid the function can be en-/disabled.

  • PEP2 editor: The action list (macro) can now be copied to other buttons or activities.

  • PEP2 editor: Resizing images is now more logical. Horizontal/vertical handles will stretch the object while the diagonal handles will resize while keeping the ratio.

Download the new versions from Philips' site, or right here from our own Pronto Professional file area.

For more on the Pronto, visit our Pronto Professional forum.

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