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Several Software Updates
And a big file area update
Posted by Daniel Tonks on December 27, 2000 at 1:00 AM
RC News Story
Universal Remote Control, makers of the Home Theater Master MX-1000 (as reviewed here) have released a new update to their PC editing software, somewhat dully titled "MX-1000 Operating Program" (we'll call it MXOP). The new version upgrades to 1.91 - and although numerous small revisions have appeared unannounced on their site before, a major update seems to have occurred with version numbering, signifying a significant change. Since no "readme" file is included with the software, we had to go direct to Universal Remote Control to find out what was new.

Basically, this revision of MXOP features improved communications which should help those users that are experiencing problems uploading from the remote. Although this new version goes further through the upload process than the others before it, I myself was still unable to upload a program or learned data file... maybe with the next revision. Others have reported success, so if you're still using 1.4x and are having difficulties, be sure to download and install the new software.
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Secondly, Denon Aktis RC-8000 owners will be very pleased to hear that Denon, after many months, has finally released their first PC software package - the free "RC-8000 Editor". Although certainly a welcome enhancement, the Editor has a ways to go before it could be considered a serious asset for the Aktis remote, as it provides only the simplest of editing capabilities. Through the software it is possible to add, delete or rearrange devices with preprogrammed code sets, change button labels, easily record macros and adjust system setup options.

However, it is not possible to add or remove device pages, add, remove, resize or rearrange buttons, load custom bitmaps, learn signals, nor preview the operation of the file. For now the software provides nothing more than a quicker way to perform basic configuration. Since there should be no technical reasons not to allow more user customization on the Aktis, it's possible that as the software matures such upgrades will become available. At least the programmers have kept all remote components in a single .RCX file, meaning it should be a simple matter to share files amongst others. Download the new software now, which also includes an updater for the remote's firmware.
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CCF overload!
It's been quite a while since our last Pronto/RC5000 file area update -- but I figure new owners of the new TSU2000 (which we reviewed last week) would want to see what's new! Remember that you can always see recent component file uploads on the "latest files" page, or check out the newest system CCFs in the "System" area. You may have also noticed that our file upload form has now changed to include which model of remote you are using - Pronto 1mb/2mb or RC5000 1mb/2mb - plus, if the 2mb Pronto TSU2000, whether the code database was used. This information is now displayed with each system file ("optimized for...") and beside each component file in code format. "P1" equals the Pronto 1mb, "P2" the Pronto 2mb, M1 the RC5000 1mb and M2 the RC5000i 2mb. Generally speaking, all files can be used with all models with a little work.

Note that if you own the TSU2000 and have used the code database, your file cannot be uploaded as a component since it does not actually contain the proper IR codes - just pointers to the on-board database that won't function on any other model. You may still submit such a file as a system, if it has a unique design. So, if you'd like to share your file, please learn all codes from your original remote instead of using the database. They'll be of more use to others.

First, new or updated complete system CCF files are now available from Adam Gregorich, Allan Elliott, Alan J. Cook, Andrea Whitlock, Andrew Johnson, Anthony Cartwright, Arthur Legardo, Bob Barndt, Brian Ambrose, Bryan Williams, Claude Adams, Craig Barnes, Damien Smith, Dan Kaps, Darren Jones-Molyneux, Daryl Holtz, Dave Kopper, Derick Alba, Guy Kuo, Harlan Webber, Jean-François Mercier, Jean-Pierre Minaux, Jeremy Santos, Keith Norris, Kenneth Watt, Kevin Patz, Lee Smith, Lloyd Lawrence, Mango Chutney, Manny Cowie, Mark Pugh, Michael Bramhoff, Omer Zadikevitch, Patrick De Giorgi, Patrick Navin, Peter Park, Peter Szmrecsanyi, Richard Chapple, Phil Fryer, Simon Ngan, Simon Tether & Steve Therrien.

Next, a ton of individual component files have been sent in, with layouts and infrared codes for the Crystal Image video scaler (Guy Kuo), CyberHome AD-M212 DVD player (Gerhard Islinger), LG LM-3063H3L air conditioner & Marantz Orange Remote Control BUS (Zorislav Sojat), JVC G11 projector & Yamaha RX-V1 receiver (Ernie Bornn-Gilman), Canon DV-20i DV camera & Grundig M82 4/3 television & Hitachi FL352 VCR & Kenwood DM3090 MiniDisc player (Oliver Pin), Marantz DP870 Dolby Digital Decoder (Michael G. Durand), Marantz DP870 Dolby Digital Decoder (Eric Johnson), Merten lighting system (Michel Jedermann), Mitsubishi DD-5000 DVD player & Mitsubishi HS-U545 VCR (Greg Clarke), Mitsubishi SR-HD400 DSS receiver & Unity Motion HDTV receiver (James) Onkyo DX-7211 CD player & Onkyo TX-DS747 receiver & Panasonic DVD-A150 DVD player & Panasonic NV-DS150 camcorder & Panasonic NV-HS950EG VCR & Panasonic TX-29AD1 television (Carlo Albrigtsen) and an Onkyo DR90 DVD/receiver (Paul Saffell).

You'll also find an Outlaw 1050 receiver (Todd Gilmore), Panasonic PT-56WXF96 television (Blaine Moss), Philips DSR-6000 DirecTiVo (Rich Weiner), Pioneer DV-C503 DVD changer (Ron Krause), RCA DTC-100 DSS receiver (Craig Mangrum), ReplayTV v3.0 RC6A codes (Casey Patterson), Samsung DVD511 DVD player (Simon Tether), Sherwood RNC-200 receiver (John Gabler), Sigma Designs RealMagic Hollywood Plus PC DVD (Paul Hrisko), Sony DSS receiver DirecTV stations (Jeff), Sony KV-36XBR400 television (Allan Upshall), Sony SAT-T60 DirecTiVo (Brett Robichaud), Sony TA-E9000ES preamplifier (Ttriff), Symphonic CD-5001 CD changer (Mike Buchanon), Toshiba W808 VCR (Kevin Sparks), Vantage IRX home automation system (Jared Meiners), Velleman K6711 IR receiver (Merv), X-10 IR543 codes (Larry Kibler), Yamaha CDV-W901 LD player (Jason Andersen), Yamaha DVD-S796 DVD player (Kevin Deacon) plus a Yamaha RX-V1000 receiver (Daryl Holtz).

In other files, Marko Schwarz has uploaded a collection of 39 German and English television station logos, while Andrea Whitlock has updated her Dish Network & DirecTV plus Sky Angel logo files and has also added new Dish Network CD & Music logo and Fox Sports logo collections.

George Fournaris has sent over a new MS Word file that will automatically generate a calendar in a format that can be compiled to CCF using the CCF Compiler. Peter Dewildt has also completely rewritten his CCF Explorer program, which can be used to browse a CCF file and gather interesting statistics. The new version 2.0 supports multiple open files, includes 5 error reports generated in RTF format complete with screenshots, can work with v2.0 CCF files, plus much more. Be sure to check it out!

Finally, the Unofficial Philips Pronto & Marantz RC5000 FAQ has had a small update to version 1.07h. This update addresses changes in ProntoEdit v2.0, which ships on CD with the Pronto TSU2000. A downloadable version of ProntoEdit v2.0 for other Pronto owners is expected to be available soon.
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