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Four New Message Forums
Plus an update to my Pronto.ini Workshop
Posted by Daniel Tonks on December 10, 2001 at 1:00 AM
RC News Story
Today I'd like to announce the creation of four new message forums for your enjoyment and edification. It's been quite a while since any additional forums were added to Remote Central, so this is somewhat of a special event. The new forums include:

    Custom Installers' Lounge
    This is one that was suggested most strongly while at the CEDIA 2001 show back in September. Finally, it's here. With the proliferation of home theater systems these days, those that help design such systems or install the equipment increasingly need a place to go to talk with others. Since many custom installers already visit Remote Central for remote control information or files, this seems like an ideal place for such a forum. Please note that this is a place for the pros - "regular" users will likely want to stick to other forums.

    Philips ProntoNEO
    As you probably already know, our lone Pronto forum has been serving double, triple or even quadruple duty these days, covering any remote that has the word "Pronto" in it or is based on its design. This has actually been the best policy, since these remotes are practically identical. That includes the Philips Pronto TS-1000, TSU2000, RU890 and RU940, ProntoPro TSU6000 and RU970, Marantz RC5000, RC5000i, RC5200, RC9200, Onkyo CHAD USR-5RF and Yamaha RAV-2000. However, the recently introduced Philips ProntoNEO and Marantz RC3200 in reality share very little in common with their predecessors. So, a new forum was in order.

    Discrete Hunter
    OK, so we've all seen the messages by people looking for discrete codes to their equipment - such posts are more than valid, but are often ignored and quickly fall out of view in otherwise busy forums. So, a brand new forum specifically for those looking or wishing to help with discrete codes has been created. This is a place where owners of any remote can go to see if their equipment does or does not support discrete codes, and possibly even receive those codes if they own a Pronto or One For All-based remote.

    Harmony Remote
    This is one remote you may not have heard of before. Easy Zapper's new Harmony is a whole new take on the remote control concept. Small and compact, it features a USB connection through which advanced web-based configuration is accomplished. But the powerful features go far beyond that - you can even download TV listings to view on its LCD screen!

Pronto.ini Workshop Pronto.ini Workshop
It seems that I've been working on this utility constantly for the last two months, announcing a new version every few weeks. Well, the constant tweaking has paid off, with this version incorporating quite a few more changes than the last three releases combined. New features in v1.20 include:

  • Now supports the new Marantz RCEdit software package and its registry-based setup, via automatic detection.
  • Redesigned user interface provides for easier selection of the software version you're using.
  • You can now select the exact remote you are using, no matter the software package. Only remotes that could be supported by the software are allowed.
  • For registry-based versions (everything but RC5000 Setup and ProntoEdit v2.0 or earlier), you can now select the default delay - the value that is first entered when you click on "Delay". This used to be customizable from within the software, but was mysteriously dropped. No longer: Pronto.ini Workshop allows you to select between 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 700 and 1000ms delays.
To download the new version, click here.

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