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Help Us Test Our New File Area
Posted by Daniel Tonks on May 14, 2002 at 1:00 AM
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New beta Pronto file area!
Something that has been percolating at the back of my mind for a while is trying to come up with a better way to handle the file area. Indeed, with the Pronto section growing to mammoth proportions the need has become even greater. For the past few weeks I've been working on a new format.

Today I'm pleased to present a beta test of a brand new interactive Pronto file area. Eventually this will be expanded to all other file areas (which, incidentally, are even less automated than the Pronto section), but for now I've converted everything in the Pronto area to the new format.

Once again, this is beta quality - I'm sure there are many bugs, which I hope you'll report via email. In addition, I know the speed isn't "snappy", but it's the best possible.

So, what's changed? Take a look at some of the new features:

Now entirely database driven.
Previously, only a fraction of the file area was stored in database format, which meant, in addition to requiring a lot of extra work, that files could not be linked with others and there was no way to show only the files a viewer really wanted to see.

Entire file archive keyword searchable.
You can now search the entire file area for specific files. As you work deeper into various categories, the amount of the database that will be searched is reduced. For instance, if you're under Pronto > Devices > Sony > DVD Players when you type in a keyword, only Sony DVD Players will be searched. If you type in a keyword on the main Pronto index, the entire file database will be included. As well, you can limit a search to only file models or titles.

User ratings on all files.
User-submitted file ratings have been extended from only system files to all file types. However, due to limitations, the rating is only shown on the "details" page, which is described below. This section is tied in with the forum accounts database, so you'll need your user name and password to rate a file. The file area supports automatic cookie-based name/password entry, but you'll have to reset your cookie under the forum's "Manage My Account" screen for it to work (don't change anything, just press "Submit"). Files can only be voted on once.

New file "details" page.
Each file now has a special "details" page that includes the number of file downloads, user file rating statistics and, if available, an extended text description. The file details page will also link components with any other models that reside inside the same file, and will also show the description and screen shots from the base system file, if available.

Find files by the same author.
Via a link on the "details" page you can search the entire file area for other files created by the same author.

Files can be sorted by title, date or author.
Systems, components and all other files can be sorted in title, date or author order. Previously, authors were sorted by first name - they're now sorted properly by last.

Easier to find system files.
System files are sorted by "all", "color", "black & white", "large screen" and "original" categories. Each category can be sorted by title, date or author, and you can jump to system files alphabetically by author.

View new files.
At various points you can click on green "New Files!" links to search for recent additions to the file area.

"Focus" on particular types of remotes.
At any point you can "focus in" on files designed for color, black & white or large screen remote controls.

Check out the new area here!

New Philips NEOedit release.
Philips has released a brand new version of their NEOedit software, for the Pronto NEO TSU-500 remote. Updated to version 2.0.5, the software fixes many bugs and several new features, including:

Button gallery
In addition to the bitmap gallery, a new button gallery is available which allows drag-and-drop functionality.

Allows actions to be undone and redone.

New keyboard and mouse actions
Several new keyboard functions have been added that better mimic how ProntoEdit works, such as "tabbing" to other buttons and right-clicking for button properties.

Supports European RU930
Philips has recently released a new European version of the ProntoNEO - the RU930. This software update supports both models.

Download NEOedit here!

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