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Part 3: TouchSquid Technology
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About this video...
Company co-founder Jason Shannon introduces viewers to a powerful and economical universal remote control solution for Android tablets and smartphones.

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Thanks to their technology, consumers can operate a variety of devices, including streaming boxes, TVs, and sound systems, with a single remote. Anyone may easily utilize the company's software because to its straightforward interface and user-friendly design.
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Company co-founder Jason Shannon [Link:] is presenting a powerful and cost-effective universal remote control solution designed for Android tablets and smartphones.
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Highly adaptable. In comparison to my Pronto TSU9600, I have been testing it. Everything that my pronto can do, it can do better. Perhaps you aren't as skilled at making your own interface and buttons. The support staff is unparalleled; I always feel that my feedback is taken seriously and implemented promptly.
Hope you had a good holiday, bud. Loving this series.
Hope you had a good holiday, bud. Loving this series.
Touch Squid Technology is a new way to interact with the internet that is designed to make your life easier. With Touch Squid, you can easily and quickly control your computer, phone, or other device with your hands. Simply touch the screen, and your device will respond in a variety of ways.
Hey thanks [for]( sharing such a [url=[Link:][/url] video with us.
I don't think I am confident enough to speak more flawless on touchsquid but there is absolutely no doubt that digital landscape has just experienced an exponential phase of growth and expansion over the past few years. As a programmer from [Link:] It feels nothing but built by single person or if so you need then some helping hands to continue managing and contributing the projects.
Great app. Very flexible. I have been testing it against my Pronto TSU9600. It can do everything my pronto can do. Maybe not as good at creating your own screen and buttons. The help team are second to none - they seem to take on suggestions quickly and very seriously. It just seems to fall short of my pronto simply because I like and need a few hard buttons.

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