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Logitech Harmony 768 Remote Control Review
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Final thoughts.
As can be seen in our own Harmony-themed message forum, Intrigue is constantly improving the Harmony and the methods of programming it. Intrigue isn’t even satisfied with just making their own remote controls – they’re actively seeking other opportunities to incorporate the Harmony concept and their “Smart State Technology” with other products. I’ve seen surprisingly complete examples of the Harmony operating on a PocketPC, or integrated into a big-screen web tablet.

Intrigue Harmony SST-768
Click to enlarge. (99kb)
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of tackling advanced customization all by yourself, take heart. Intrigue’s customer service team is reputed as one of the best in the industry. If you want something done but have no idea how to go about it, the Harmony team should be able to help you through the exact steps and get everything running in short order.

So what’s better, an activity or a device-based remote? Both have their place. Activity remotes are generally easier for inexperienced users to pick up on and use straight away, however many power users appreciate the full and quick component control that a device-based remote offers. The Harmony is predominantly an activity remote, but it does offer complete device control when absolutely needed. The huge increase in the number of buttons on the SST-768 reduces the amount of “command surfing” required on the original Harmony, but doesn’t totally eliminate it.

The last word.
From a physical standpoint the Harmony SST-768 has come a long way – this is an extraordinary second generation product. The remote’s user interface additionally rates the same as when I first reviewed the SST-745 – “intuitive simplicity itself”. The programming... well, the programming hasn’t matured quite as much as the form. Assuming that you’re satisfied with the initial result, configuring the Harmony can be quick and easy. If you want a remote tailored to your specific needs, it can be done, but not painlessly.

Intrigue Harmony SST-768
Click to enlarge. (31kb)
Since Intrigue Technologies is constantly seeking improvements, one can hope that they will continue to perfect their existing programming concept. By providing a better overview of the remote’s structure, allowing more customization in important areas, streamlining and simplifying remote setup, consolidating device and activity settings into fewer areas, fleshing out the on-line help system and improving the programming site’s overall appearance, the Harmony can ultimately become a product destined for mass market success.

Even with that in mind, the Harmony SST-768 is a miniature handheld marvel. It’s compact, it’s powerful, it looks and feels great and it can more than get the job done. With a little elbow grease it can do things that even the big boys can’t. Just goes to prove that good things do, in fact, come in small packages.

Indeed, great things!

- Daniel Tonks (Remote Central)

Logitech Harmony 768 Data Box
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