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Logitech Harmony 768 Remote Control Review
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Logitech Harmony H768 Features:

Activity based concept: The Harmony was designed with 'activity' control in mind. Instead of separating your components one by one, the Harmony blends the most commonly used functions from each device into activities such as "watch DVD" or "watch television". Numerous options allow each activity to be customized to your components.

LCD screen: Assists with easy remote navigation. It also displays a TV guide and auxiliary device functions. The LCD is backlit by yellow LEDs that activate whenever a button is pressed, and shuts off after 5 or 10 seconds.

More memory: The SST-768 includes double the amount of memory on the original SST-745 model.

Preset components: The Harmony web site includes a growing number of components that have already been configured and chacterized to operate correctly.

Code learning: If the Harmony web site is unable to determine the type of device you are using, all codes can be manually learned via the learning eye on the bottom of the remote.

Reduced hard buttons: A lower than normal number of hard buttons makes the Harmony more intuitive to use. Some hard buttons support multiple functions, changed on-the-fly.

No macro programming: The Harmony does it for you, automatically generating power and input macros for your devices. It also utilizes internal variables to ensure that your devices are always in synchronization, even if they don't support discrete codes.

Built-in TV guide: Updated through your computer every other week, the built-in guide displays all programs that are currently showing. The guide can also be navigated to see what's coming on later.

Scroll wheel: Located on the right side of the remote, the 3-way scroll wheel is used to quickly scroll through activities and TV guide listings. A button, located just below the wheel, is used to change remote modes or "go back".

Mini USB connection: Provides quick communications with your PC. Uses a standard cable type and default drivers.

Internet programmable: All remote configuration and guide updating is completed through Intrigue's internet website.

Advanced configuration: By editing XML code you can customize the Harmony remote to extreme levels.

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