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Sony PlayStation 3 Advanced Control Roundup
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Another button on the first tab, [Edit Macros], loads up an entirely new screen where the PS3IR-1000’s user macros can be edited. A total of 12 macros are supported, with up to 16 commands on each. The twelfth macro is assigned to the [Power Off] function, while the other 11 are given custom trigger codes. A wealth of macro management options are provided such as saving and loading macros from file and running the macro through the PS3IR-1000 as a test. Macro configuration is handled slightly differently than other adapters, with there being a “general” setting for key duration and inter-key delay. If longer transmission times are needed for a particular command (such as holding down the [PS] button) then a multiplier value is added to that step. And if a longer delay is needed after a command, a separate delay step must be added to the macro.

For any learning remote...
The second program tab is called “Teach Your Remote” and it does just what it says – transmits the PS3IR-1000’s commands directly from the adapter, to be captured by any learning remote control. The software presents a simple remote-like representation of all supported commands, and all you have to do is press and hold the button on-screen to get the infrared version. The PS3IR-1000 is one of only two adapters in this roundup to offer this feature, which may well prove invaluable to owners of older learning remotes that don’t want to upgrade to newer computer programmable models just so they can send the discrete [Power Off] command or one of the user macro triggers.

The PS3IR-1000 comes pre-configured to use the Sony DVD codeset with PS2 extensions, and as that’s the only option offered it won’t be possible to use the adapter in a system with an existing Sony DVD player. Prepared codes are offered in Pronto hex format; remote-specific configuration files are not provided.

Not just PC programmable...
Not only is the PS3IR-1000 configurable by PC, but it’s the only product in the roundup that can control the PS3 directly through a PC interface. The third program tab is labeled “PC Remote Control” and presents an on-screen remote just like the “Teach Your Remote” tab, but now instead of sending out local commands via infrared the adapter transmits Bluetooth functions direct to the PS3. Of course the PS3 shouldn’t be too far away from your computer for this to work. Ostensibly this is for testing and debugging purposes, and as there doesn’t appear to be an API for programmers it might remain that way, but if a method were developed to allow other software to control the PS3IR-1000... well, it could allow for some rather interesting opportunities.

Pairing the PS3IR-1000 with your system couldn’t be easier – quite literally. Simply enable remote pairing mode on the PS3, add power to the adapter and bam – it automatically pairs without needing to do anything else!

Finally, the PS3IR-1000 can easily have its firmware upgraded. A [Check Firmware] button on the first screen checks the version installed on a connected adapter, and automatically updates if necessary.

When you want the basics...
For those who don’t require all the bells and whistles, Schmartz also offers a feature-reduced version of the PS3IR-1000 at half the cost, known as the PS3IR-500 – so it’s also half the model! Housed in the same case as its big brother, the PS3IR-500 of course had to forfeit many of its sibling’s advanced capabilities. This means it doesn’t have hardware-based PS3 power tracking, infrared output, onboard custom user macros, or computer-based control of the PS3. Some useful features did make the cut, including USB-based firmware upgradeability, an external IR input jack, plus an onboard “power off” macro with variable-based tracking.

Schmartz offers a full website with a forum for technical support, as well as software, manuals, codes and other related file downloads.

Schmartz PS3IR-500 & PS3IR-1000
Price:$39.95 & $99.95 USD
Get it at:

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