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Sony PlayStation 3 Advanced Control Roundup
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Audio Authority
IR4PS3 v3
Logitech Harmony
Adapter for PS3
ps3toothfairy Elite
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The IR4PS3 is fully configured in both the Logitech Harmony and Universal Remote Control Inc. code databases. Owners of other computer programmable remotes can download a configuration pack which includes general Pronto hex codes, instructions on how to generate your own codes, plus configurations in UEI Nevo .NVO, Philips Pronto .CCF and Pronto TSU9200 .MCF formats.

Pairing with the PS3...
As the IR4PS3 has no status LED or physical buttons, configuration is done without any sort of feedback from the adapter. But even working blindly, adding the adapter to your console is exceedingly simple. First, power the adapter and enable remote pairing mode on the PS3. Next, press and hold the special [Setup] function on your remote control for about 3 seconds. Once the PS3 recognizes the IR4PS3, press the [Circle] button (or most any button, really) to exit setup mode. That’s it!

The [Setup] command can be used to reconfigure the IR4PS3 at any time, but if the remote control you’re using doesn’t have that special code then an alternative (and slightly longer) method of customization and PS3 pairing can be accessed during the IR4PS3’s initial bootup process.

Dealing with power control.
Since the PS3 lacks discrete power control, there’s no way to guarantee by remote that the console is powered either on or off. The official Sony Bluetooth remote powers on the PS3 with any key press – and so will the IR4PS3 – but as the original remote doesn’t have a button that only turns the console off, then the IR4PS3 doesn’t have that capability either.

Two features have been added to the IR4PS3 to address that issue. The first is variable-based discrete power commands. The adapter can be configured to refuse all regular commands until it receives a special [Power On] code, which will both power up the console and enable reception of regular commands. When the [Power Off] trigger is finally received, the second feature comes into effect: an automatic macro that performs all necessary steps to power off the console. Three versions of the “Power Off” macro are available – a fast one that only works in movies, a short one that works everywhere except games, and a long one that should work everywhere. Additional customizations are available, such as lengthening the amount of delay between steps or the amount of time the IR4PS3 should wait for a DVD to stop playing. Variable-based tracking can also be disabled if unneeded.

While variable-based tracking does help to make system automation macros more reliable, the PS3 makes it impossible for this system to be bulletproof as actual shutdown is never guaranteed. And if the console’s physical power button is used or the user performs the shutdown routine manually, the adapter can become out-of-sync – although that can be easily corrected by sending [Power On].

The IR4PS3 is home-grown and continues to be assembled by hand. No official product website exists, so if you’re interested in further information contact the email address below.

IR4PS3 v3
Price:$40-$68.20 USD
Contact:[email protected]

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