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Win Great Prizes in our December Contest
Plus a major file area update
Posted by Daniel Tonks on October 31, 2003 at 1:00 AM
RC News Story
You just knew it was coming... it’s finally time for our next contest! Thanks to our long-time sponsors, we’ve got some great prizes for you this month. You could win an RTI TheaterTouch T2 remote control, new Harmony SST-659 remote control, JVC MX-K5 mini system, or a MiVoice DMR-704S digital voice recorder!

Click to win great prizes!

So what are you waiting for? Enter today!

Major file area update...
This week we’ve finally managed to verify and upload every file that has been submitted in the past few months. There are now over 8800 entries in our entire file area database, not including discrete codes!

Philips Pronto
First up is the classic Philips Pronto area, covering the TS-1000, TSU2000, TSU6000, RU890, RU940, RU970, RC5000, RC5000i, RC5200, RC9200, RAV-2000 and CHAD. Pronto NG owners, don’t forget that you can import CCF files too! New or updated color or black and white system CCFs are now available by:

Andreas Pfister
Anthony Poole
Chad Gauntt
Christopher Palmer
Craig Sawyer
Dana Rodakis
David Armour
Emmanuel Garcia
François Lesueur
Frank Bogen
Frank Del Favero
Greg Klein
Guy Kuo
Jeff Bernardis
Julian Levene
Malcolm Demanuele
Mark Kumke
Martial Bouvard
Richard Tong
Rick Follett
Roberto Porcelli
Russell O'Hara
Simon Polinelli
Steve Koestner
Steve McNally
Steve Rosing
Tom Patterson
Tony Prince

Other file updates include channel logos from Steve McNally, Craig Keightley and “Eichi0815”, a mass IR format converter called Vert from Tony Marona, and an interesting file from Eigeny Oulianov. He’s the guy responsible for the unique FontRep and ImgRep utilities, which can be used by power users to change the look of the default Pronto user interface – something that isn’t normally possible. He’s also written a rather in-depth look at Pronto IR formats, but his most recent release is a CCF file designed to integrate with Crestron RF systems.

This file will work on any RF-enabled Pronto-based product such as the TSU6000, RU970, RC5200, RC9200, USR-5RF (CHAD) and imported for Pronto NG models TSU3000, TSU7000, RU950, RU980. It provides through-the-wall control of Crestron’s RF-based control systems including models CNRFGWA-418, CNRFGWA, MC2W, ST-CP and STI-CP. Turn your Pronto classic into the equivalent of a Crestron MT-500!

But that’s not all... if you have a ProntoNG and an IR-based Crestron CNIRGW, he’s got a new specially modified PCF to work with that device’s codes, which are too fast for normal learning and reproduction. If you’d like to upload something, click here.

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Philips Pronto NG
One of our most recent file areas is for the new Pronto NG remote control, and has seen quick growth over the past few months – in fact there are now over 200% more systems than our last report! New or updated configurations are now available from:

Adam D. Bursey
Andreas Besser
Barry Barlow
Bill Kounellas
Chad Bevoduz
Clint E. Simester
Daniel Tonks
Dave Nibeck
Dean Rossman
Dennis Wilkinson
Gary Rodgers
Joe Gildein (x2)
Mark Clinger
Mark Smallman
Martin Murphy

Matt Bennett
Michael Burwen
Peter A. Kemmer
Richard Strudwick
Russ Budro
Russ Waters
Sam Thorpe
Scott Chen
Scott Siegel
Simon Rompf
Steve Martin
Steve McNally
Teddy Dimou
Tom Uryga
Tyler Ager

There’s a large number of original designs already available for the Pronto NG, so be sure to check them out! Other Pronto NG uploads include an NFL schedule (get it before Superbowl!), Pronto Lock, plus a new Button Maker utility from Richard Strudwick. To upload a new Pronto NG file, click here.

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Philips iPronto
If you’re the proud owner of a Philips iPronto TSi6400, we’re looking for your ICF files! Help us make the iPronto file area bigger and better – send in your ICF files today! Click here for the upload form.

[ Talk about the Philips iPronto! ]

Philips ProntoNEO
In the Philips ProntoNEO and Marantz RC3200 section you’ll find new or updated complete system NCF files from:

Andrew Phillippe
Chris Boar
Chris Rees
Chris Roy
Drew Kronick
Gary Frisard
Joe Hopper
Kelly Brown
Kim Jensen
Mark Jents
Ola Möller
René Cason
Ron Jones
Steffen Herr
Vitaly Gutkovich

NEO owners – we know you’re out there! Upload your NCF files today!

[ Talk about the Philips ProntoNEO! ]

Home Theater Master MX-700
The Home Theater Master MX-700 & MX-800 section has seen seven recent system uploads from Brian Troy, Darren Davies, David Bulfer, Harvey Gordon, Helgardt Dippenaar, Scott Spillers and “Teddy Bear”. You’ll also find new configurations for a wide range of Panasonic components.

We know there are a lot of MX-700 owners out there – so why not send us your system MX file today and help others? To start the download process click here.

[ Talk about the Home Theater Master! ]

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