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First Photographs of the Philips Pronto Professional TSU9400 Posted
The FCC provides a sneak peak of the new portrait-oriented Pronto remote from Philips.
Posted by Daniel Tonks on July 12, 2007 at 1:00 AM
RC News Story
The FCC proves useful in more ways than one - their official product RF testing result documents are where these first photographs of the Pronto Professional TSU9400 were found! For more information on the TSU9400 see this news report.

Please note that these photos were merely meant as references for the FCC test, and aren’t of the best quality or composition.

New information on the Marantz RC9001 & extenders.
The mystery new Marantz touchscreen remote based on the Philips TSU9600 that we talked about earlier this month turns out to be, in fact, the RC9001. Thanks once again to we can now provide you this much better publicity photograph, as well as some further details taken from company literature.

Marantz RC9001
Enlarge this photo.
RC9001 Programmable Touch Screen Remote Control
  • Flagship color touch screen remote for the more demanding of users.
  • Free editable screen for creation of personal user interfaces
  • 3.8 inch (9.6cm) large color touch screen TFT display (VGA 640x480)
  • IR and WiFi command transmission
  • Direct playback of WAV files from PC transmitted via WiFi
  • Customizable by dedicated PC software ( EX)
  • Macro programming possibility under any button
  • 100% editable screen and transparent graphics for easy background integration
  • Large 64mb non-volatile memory
  • 2-way communication for easy control of music server, lighting system or other AV products with RS232 connectivity in combination with RX9001
  • USB communication port for PC connectivity
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery – exchangeable by customer
  • Docking station for battery loading and power adaptor

Additionally, here’s some data on the two matching Marantz wireless extenders. The RX8001 is based on the Philips RFX9400, while the RX9001 is based on the Philips RFX9600.

RX8001 WiFi Extender

  • WiFi 802.11b/g and/or wired network IR extender
  • Full control of hidden system or from a different location – multi room application
  • Plug and play with RC9001 – automatic WiFi to IR conversion
  • Programmable by webserver [crossover cable (PC to PC)]
  • 4x addressable IR ports – power adjustable
  • Selectable extender ID for use of several RX8001 in parallel
  • 2x IR emitters cable, 2x IR mini jack cable and power adaptor included
  • Compact table-top housing

RX9001 Network Extender

  • Full control over whole house installation by computer network
  • Extremely flexible interface for use of CI specialist in demanding installation
  • DHCP & fixed IP supported for flexible network configuration
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Advanced connectivity: 4 addressable IR ports, 4 RS232 serial interface, 4 relay outputs, 4 input power sensor, 1 voltage output
  • Programmable by webserver [crossover cable (PC to PC)]
  • Standard 19-inch rack-mountable housing

Talk about the TSU9400 and RC9001!

It’s a pair of Nevos!
Finally for today, how about a quick look at a pair of new Nevo remote controls from Universal Electronics?

First up is the Nevo S70, which sports a large 3.5” 240x320 color touchscreen display. The S70 is similar in design to the current NevoSL model, however sports two additional hard buttons above the volume and channel toggles, bringing the total to 19 keys. Other features include WiFi 802.11b/g support, computer-based programming with the new NevoStudio Pro software via USB or WiFi, rechargeable lithium ion battery and docking station, NevoMedia software for PC media management, as well as an optional Nevo Connect NC50 WiFi-based extender.

The second new model is the Nevo Q50, which is a complete departure from previous Nevo models. The Q50 sports a smaller – but still touchscreen – color LCD display, along with a much larger complement of 30 hard buttons. The less expensive Q50 otherwise comes with a similar selection of features and capabilities to the S70, including a rechargeable lithium ion battery and NevoStudio Pro programming software.

This model in particular looks like it will give the now common “hard buttoned remote with LCD labeled buttons” concept a run for its money, by finally offering users a remote control with plenty of hard buttons for commonly used functions, along with the versatility and customizability of a touchscreen for everything else (such as system navigation and favorite channels).

Talk about these Nevo remotes!

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