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Basic Information
Device Type:FibreOP Bell Aliant remote
Model/Series:MXv5 IR
Model Year:2015/2016
Configurations:Search the file area
Notes:Do you have FibreOP with Bell Aliant and a new MXv5 remote that will only turn on and off your TV? Good news with these instructions you can make the FirbreOP remote more useful.

Are all device (TV, DVD, and AUX) functions on the Bell Aliant FibreOP MXv5 remote seem to be locked to the STB button.

When I press TV then [OK] or {EXIT] the function is sent to the STB
When I press TV [Left], [Right], [Up], [Down] it is always sent to STB. This does not make for a very helpful universial remote.

I cannot find a way to program the MXv5 remote for my TV but I did find a way to bypass the functions that are locked to STB.

I put the remote into learning mode and then programed the buttons I need.

Place MXv5 into Learning Mode:

Place your original remote control nose-to-nose 2" apart with the MXv5
Press Device (TV)
Press and hold the [SETUP] button until the LED flashes twice.
Enter the code 9-7-5. The LED should flash twice.
Select the device (TV) onto which you wish to learn a signal.
Press a [Button] to learn the signal on the MXv5. The LED begins blinking rapidly.
Hold down the key on your original remote that you want to learn until the LED flashes twice.
Repeat with all buttons (see list below) (skip this step if you are only learning 1 key)
Press and hold the [SETUP] button to save

There is a limit of how many codes can be learned… if you need to clear one button

Clear one learned button:
Press and hold the [SETUP] button until the LED flashes twice.
Enter the code 9-7-6. The LED should flash twice.
Press the button to clear. The device key will flash.
Press the button to clear again. The device key will flash twice.

Reset Remote to Factory defaults:

Press and hold the [SETUP] button until the LED flashes twice.
Enter the code 9-7-7. Device will flash 4 times
Remote is now set to default
Control Capabilities
Input Options
IR Input Jack:No
Radio Frequency:No
RS-232 (Serial):No
Network IP:No
DC Trigger:No
Output Ports
IR Output Jack:No
RS-232 Output:No
DC Trigger:No
Operation & Behavior
Discrete Codes
- Workaround
Sound Modes:N/A
Picture Modes:N/A
Screen Modes:N/A
Power On:Unknown
Switch Inputs:Unknown
Important Codes & Commands
I put the remote into learning mode and then programmed the buttons I need.

Buttons I have found helpful:

OK, Exit, Menu, Up, Down,
Left, Right, (remember when face to face opposite side of remote)
Channel +/- → Channel +/- rPi (Page up/down)
Return → Apps rPi (Contextual menu)
Green → Recorded TV rPi (Video Menu)
Yellow → On Demand rPi (Music Menu)
Chanel +/- → Chanel +/- rPi (Page up/down)
Sleep → Delete
Tools → Options
File Attachments
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About this page...
This page contains information on how the Motorola MXv5 IR can be controlled, along with useful tips, tricks and commands to make integrating this device into a universal remote control or other control system faster and more reliable.

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Loved the way you structured this article. The flow and organization make it a pleasure to read.
I am very grateful that you are willing to share such useful information with us. I hope I can apply some of it to my life.
I find myself learning something new with every visit to your blog.
I tried Resetting the Remote to factory defaults as instructed Everything is completed quickly.

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