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Basic Information
Device Type:Television
Model Year:2006
Configurations:Search the file area
48.80" wide 26.80" high 4.10" deep
123.95 cm 68.07 cm 10.41 cm
Notes:Discrete power and input commands were not fully implemented in early firmware versions; ensure you are running the latest version from Philips' site.

This set can experience HDMI negotiation issues if the HDMI device is turned on before the TV is ready and displaying an image.

Older firmware had an issue where the set would occasionally fail to negotiate HDCP and would not try again until the set was powered off and left off for 3-4 minutes (until a relay clicked). Newer firmware still has occasional HDCP issues, however the relay now clicks after a few seconds.
Control Capabilities
Input Options
- Parity/Toggle Bits
IR Input Jack:No
Radio Frequency:No
RS-232 (Serial):No
Network IP:No
DC Trigger:No
Output Ports
IR Output Jack:Yes
RS-232 Output:No
DC Trigger:No
Operation & Behavior
Discrete Codes
Sound Modes:No
Picture Modes:No
Screen Modes:Yes
Power On:10.00 seconds
Switch Inputs:N/A
Important Codes & Commands
No codes have been added for this model.
File Attachments
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This page contains information on how the Philips 42PF9730A/37 can be controlled, along with useful tips, tricks and commands to make integrating this device into a universal remote control or other control system faster and more reliable.

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