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Post 130 made on Thursday April 21, 2005 at 02:11
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March 2004
I've got some exciting updates for anyone interested. Recently I gave my .pcf file a total overhaul. In doing so I have reworked all 1200 DVD slot loading macros. They are now part of each primary DVD changer device. As a result, each DVD changer device is now self-contained! Each device can stand on its own without having to keep any other part of my .pcf file in tact. This will make merging these devices to your own .pcf file a breeze. Each device includes the main navigation pages (not particularly needed), the specific IR codes required for each slot loading macro, and the slot loading macro's themselves.

If you already have a Sony 400-disc DVD changer you'll pretty much be set to go out the gate. Just merge any one or all of the DVD changer devices into your .pcf file and learn the appropriate IR codes to the buttons in the IR Codes column specific to your own receiver and A/V switch if you have one. The final step of course would be to simply link the appropriate slot loading macros to your cover image buttons.

I am much happier with this setup. I have reworked a few other areas of my .pcf file as well. These include the following:

1) Revamped my power/activity/gallery device for better functionality.
2) Added loading screens for the system on and off macros.
3) Added a "conditional" power off page when the system off macro runs. This is to account for the fact my InFocus X1 projector does not have discrete power codes.
3) Added Daniel Tonks awesome Galaxy NG game which is accessible via the activites page by tapping on the image of the pronto remote in the center of the screen.
4) Added a PC device. Xbox device is now gone. Running my computer out to the projector for some 1080i gaming. :-P

All this and I still have 25% free space left in the remote! That 32 meg upgrade end of last year came just in time. :-) I will have plenty of memory left now to fill the last 79 slots in my 3rd changer and then some.

I plan to submit my .pcf file to the files section soon for anyone interested in downloading it there. I had a stripped down version of my .pcf file posted here, but have taken down the link. I will be replying to this thread again later this evening. In said reply I will be making a new version of my stripped down .pcf file available. It is much improved and will incorporate some new functionality as well which I am pretty excited about.


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