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Post 140 made on Tuesday February 26, 2008 at 00:41
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On February 25, 2008 at 23:29, sierra055 said...
My apologies...

To be more specific, the IR4PS3 supports discrete on/off
codes. The PS3 doesn't
Given that we're in a thread discussing the IR4PS3, and
not the PS3 specifically, I don't feel that I have "spread

On December 11, 2007 at 20:58, The Others said...
Let me clarify the ‘Power ON’ & ‘Power OFF’

First of all the ‘Power ON’ is a no issue because any
keys of the Sony PS3 BD remote wake up the PS3. So I mapped
the ‘Power ON’ in the Logitech Harmony 880 settings to

So the IR code for "X" is being used for the power on command. That's not a discrete power on code.

As explained above a discreet ‘Power ON’ (Sony:26.218.46)
is not really required but can be map also to the PS button.

Even the above is just the Sony IR code he could choose to receive with his device to implement the "X" command of the PS3 remote. The (sony:26.218.46) isn't a bluetooth command, it's a IR command. Keep in mind, that there isn't any discrete power functions on the PS3 remote. Therefore there cannot be any discrete power control using Ben's device. This is a work around, not a discrete.

However with a discreet ‘Power OFF’ (Sony:26.218.47) my
SW in my mod could do all steps, including the ‘X’, to
complete the shutdown. No macros required in IR remote
in this case.

Read what I wrote above. The same applies...

I didn't mean to ruffle feathers with the "spreading lies" comment, but you do know how the IR4PS3 functions, so you know that there is no discrete power ability. For for you to say otherwise is a lie by definition.

I'm very confused on how you can say the IR4PS3 supports discrete power commands when there is none to be had to begin with. If you're saying that Ben could map his device to use the 26.218.46 sony discrete code to turn on the PS3 ("X" button), that really is no different then him choosing a Denon discrete command to perform the same function, (still the "X" button). Ben's device looks for whatever code he wants it to (he developed it), to do whatever operation he wants. The IR4PS3 cannot do anything more than what the PS3 remote already does.

This thread is about discussing "a real IR control solution for the PS3". So suggesting the support for discrete power when there is no discrete power to support is misleading. Even still, the IR4PS3 is what..... say 80% a PS3 remote that has never had the ability of discrete power. Which would still make your claims wrong from the get go if we used your line of reasoning concerning this thread's topic.
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