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Post 97 made on Saturday January 19, 2008 at 14:54
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To save some people some time I did the leg work. Her's what his device looks like on it's own and installed...



His description is as follows:
IMPORTANT NOTE: You must enable remote start to enable the power ON feature of this device. Currently, you must pair a PSP device with your PS3 before the remote start option can be enabled. So, you must obtain a PSP (or borrow one temporarily) to enable the power On feature. However, the power OFF feature will work without remote start mode enabled.

The PS3IR+PWR (Patent Pending) looks exactly like the PS3IRX1 and it runs an upgraded version of the same firmware. I have added the circuit necessary to simulate front panel touch events to allow for turning the PS3 ON and OFF. With this unit, the standard Sony DVD Power IR code can now be used to toggle the PS3 power ON/OFF.

A small sticker must be applied over the front panel [0/1] touch key area. This sticker is connected to the device with a tiny black wire. The sticker has the same [0/1] graphic and matches the color and texture of the original front panel as much as possible. This area can still be touched to manually turn the PS3 ON and OFF. No modification of the PS3 is needed. The sticker can be removed later if desired.

This device accepts PS2 and Sony DVD compatible IR commands and converts them to PS3 game controller key presses via USB.

Isn't this the same thing as the USB dongle/PS2 solution people have been doing for some time? Note that he claims that there is a "remote power on option" for the PS3. Daniel, Others, can either of you two elaborate on what he is trying to do or done here?
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