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Post 1 made on Saturday August 19, 2023 at 01:00
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August 2023
what it is..

I have a Amazon Firestick paired with an old Samsung TV in a small gym room and recently bought a Monoprice SB-300 Soundbar to make the sound bearable.
I searched, and couldn't find anything, short of a few reddits that attempted to use a blaupunkt sound bar as the device.

I saw this thread seeking something similar, but apparently a Fire TV is RF (I have a Firestick that's IR)

You can get to a menu where you can input a custom 4/5 digit IR profile, however in my googling, I can't seem to find any open source database that you can search to correlate NEC raw data to those IR profile codes.

I setup an arduino w/ a IR receiver and captured all the button presses on the remote.. I think all the fire stick will do is input/power/volume.

Attached is output using the IRremote library (slightly modified to remove redundant info):
Protocol=NEC Address=0xA6DF (Raw Data: 32 bits LSB first)
Power: Command=0x12 Raw-Data=0xED12A6DF
Aux  : Command=0x24 Raw-Data=0xDB24A6DF
BT   : Command=0x26 Raw-Data=0xD926A6DF
USB  : Command=0x2C Raw-Data=0xD32CA6DF
OPT  : Command=0x28 Raw-Data=0xD728A6DF
HDMI : Command=0x2D Raw-Data=0xD22DA6DF
EARC : Command=0x2A Raw-Data=0xD52AA6DF
REV  : Command=0x45 Raw-Data=0xBA45A6DF
PLAY : Command=0x44 Raw-Data=0xBB44A6DF
FF   : Command=0x46 Raw-Data=0xB946A6DF
BASS+: Command=0x48 Raw-Data=0xB748A6DF
BASS-: Command=0x47 Raw-Data=0xB847A6DF
VOL+ : Command=0x32 Raw-Data=0xCD32A6DF
VOLM : Command=0x6C Raw-Data=0x936CA6DF
VOL- : Command=0x31 Raw-Data=0xCE31A6DF
TREB+: Command=0x41 Raw-Data=0xBE41A6DF
TREB-: Command=0x43 Raw-Data=0xBC43A6DF
VERT : Command=0x4E Raw-Data=0xB14EA6DF
VOICE: Command=0x53 Raw-Data=0xAC53A6DF
SPORT: Command=0x36 Raw-Data=0xC936A6DF
MOVIE: Command=0x39 Raw-Data=0xC639A6DF
MUSIC: Command=0x3B Raw-Data=0xC43BA6DF
DIM  : Command=0x5D Raw-Data=0xA25DA6DF

Pic of the remote (for some reason I can't attach an image):

Currently I have the fire stick connected to the soundbar on hdmi1 and the sound bar to the TV via the ARC HDMI, which works but it takes like 2 minutes for the fire stick to boot and then I have to keep pressing home on the fire stick remote to get the HDMI input on the sound bar to toggle .

I'd like to just go back to having the fire stick on the TV and use an optical cable to the sound bar to speed things up ( while having the fire stick remote power everything & control volume).

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