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Post 4 made on Wednesday October 20, 2021 at 07:37
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Hi Brad,
On the bottom left is the "Hamburger" icon which is an industry standard icon for Menu. The Touchscreen has secondary soft buttons for things like Guide (which optionally appears on the touchscreen via our TVGuide service - not just on the TV). You can click the Hamburger icon, and then the touchscreen shows you your menu of user interfaces available for things like the TVGuide app, irrigation app, floorplan view ("Home"), Media, and a zillion other possibilities. The Menu is 100% customizable so it can be whatever you want it to be.

You can then navigate the menu with either a finger scroll of the menu list followed by a click to select, or via the hard button up / down / enter keys to launch the next screen page you selected.

But, if you use the Guide a lot, you can program any button to launch the Guide. For example, a Long press of the Menu button might bring up the Guide (your choice).

Since we have an IP bidirectional integration with DirecTV and IR integration with most all cable boxes, and an IP integration with DISH as a work in progress, we can also launch the Guide on the TV you are watching. But the on tablet / phone / smartremote optional TVGuide app is very popular with our commercial projects (like 95%).

Device licenses: myServer 6 is an existing commercial automation controller. Used in many commercial projects like Sports Bars, Restaurants, convention centers, conference rooms, command centers etc. Devices are things like Lights, AVMatrix outputs, TVs, User interfaces etc. Each consumes a device license. Device licenses are purchased in bulk. Basically, the larger the system, the more the number of licenses required, the more cost. Small systems are inexpensive, large systems are less expensive than other commercial offerings of similar capability.

myServer 6 supports all of the connection methods you cite plus many more. USB, serial, IR, relays, IP devices, powerline, WiFi, bluetooth, RF, ZWave, Zigbee, and on and on. That's really going to be the magic of the SmartRemote...most of the really hard work is done as myServer 6 is the heart and the heart is proven and always expanding.

Thanx for taking the time to respond!!

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