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For: Philips TS-1000
By: Andreas Huster
Andreas Huster's German CCF
This CCF is from good old Germany and is written completely in German.
Updated: August 15, 2001  Size: 69kb

For: Philips ProntoPro
By: Aaron Hughart
Aaron Hughart's Color CCF
Pro version of my ccf. Used a Mac "Aqua" theme. Added a "TV Guide" tab to my Directory Macro which lists weekly programs for each day of the week. Replaced my mini-system with a Technics A/V receiver and an MP3 player. Added a directory of CDs with cover pictures. Changed the Pop up Menus to a transparent look. File also includes a Gallery of all buttons, tabs, etc.
Updated: August 08, 2001  Size: 1.46mb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: I. Hewitt
I. Hewitt's Pronto CCF
I've been working on this CCF for some time now, and although it's not fully complete I feel it is ready for posting on this board. I have used a number of other people's ideas to implement certain functions. I'm particularly pleased with my SkyDigital TV guide. All of the screens can be easily edited for individual customization.
Updated: July 25, 2001  Size: 104kb

For: Philips TSU2000
By: Shane Hay
Shane Hay's Pronto CCF
A complete system with the following devices:
Updated: July 01, 2001  Size: 99kb

For: Philips TSU2000
By: Mike Hatcher
Mike Hatcher's Pronto CCF
This is my first attempt at a pronto CCF. I've studied most of the CCF's online and incorporated the some of the best ideas into mine. All devices are on hidden pages. Page navigation is via numerous tabs on the selected device. Also includes gallery file.
Updated: June 05, 2001  Size: 88kb

For: Marantz RC5000i
By: Scott Herron
Scott Herron's DVD CCF
My complete system CCF file with over 500 listed DVDs!
Updated: April 15, 2001  Size: 80kb

For: Philips TSU2000
By: Aaron Hughart
Aaron Hughart's Pronto Setup
This is an update. Changed DVD transport panel. Changed some labels, timing in macros, calendar panels, convergence grid panel layout. Added more Service menu buttons. Added ADDR menu panel. Also added a DVD index of favorite scenes for a few movies + AVIA as an example.
Updated: April 14, 2001  Size: 191kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: Stephen Hoy
Stephen Hoy's Philips Pronto
This is about attempt number 10 to get a fully working CCF for my system! I've tried to have all buttons that are on the original remotes in my design.
Updated: March 20, 2001  Size: 83kb

For: Marantz RC5000i
By: Keith Howington
Keith Howington' Mitsubishi System
A complete system CCF file with the following devices.
Updated: March 08, 2001  Size: 18kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: Randall Hammill
Randall's Home Theater Setup
Here's my first (nearly complete) Pronto. We don't listen to the radio much, so I have not finished that, and I just started to put food menus in. I made this with the graphics from here, with a few very minor changes. I wanted to make this easy to use, so anybody can come to our house and use it. I also placed record commands (for the VCR and tape deck) on different pages to prevent accidents. I have discrete codes for everything I code find. I will be updating this when I get a new VCR and TV later in the year. Thanks to all who have posted before - it was a great help!
Updated: February 20, 2001  Size: 47kb
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