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For: Philips TS-1000
By: Mark Wilkinson
Mark Wilkinson's Theater System
Just a little bit different and easier to see when you reach 40! Not perfect, but hopefully useful.
Updated: October 16, 2000  Size: 52kb

For: Marantz RC5000i
By: Mark Wood
Mark Wood's Australian CCF
A complete system for Australian components, with a nice macro panel to turn on all of the correct equipment and select the correct settings before jumping you to the individual component to operate it.
Updated: January 23, 2003  Size: 27kb

For: Philips TSU2000
By: Martin Wasson
Martin Wasson's Batman CCF
Kind of a Batman Beyond theme. I love it... spent ALOT of time on it. Some borrowed; lots of stuff I built myself. Hope you like it.
Updated: December 27, 2001  Size: 104kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: Martin van Wijngaarden
Martin's CCF with Smart Starts
Complete file with several Macro Buttons for a Pronto 890. Language mostly Dutch. Assembled with several files from the Remote Central.
Updated: February 07, 2006  Size: 46kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: Matt Weigel
Matt Weigel's CCF File
This CCF file contains favorite channel listings, complete CD menus and much more!
Updated: November 07, 1999  Size: 63kb

For: Marantz RC5000i
By: Matthew Wagg
Matthew Wagg's RC5000i
Thanks to everyone in the community that I 'borrowed' graphics off. Sorry that I havent mentioned anyone, I can't remember where most of the stuff is originally from!
Updated: May 20, 2001  Size: 218kb

For: Philips TSU2000
By: Mike Woodhall
Mike Woodhall's Easy Pronto
Used to control my system and make it user friendly for my wife. Most elements are borrowed from other CCF's including "Supernudelist" for two (slave and master) 300 disk CD changers.
Updated: January 20, 2001  Size: 97kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: Neil Watts
Neil Watts' Home Cinema CCF
My complete Home Cinema CCF based on an original design by Daniel Tonks and others. This remains a work in progress and includes an SNL CD listing, Sky Channel logo selection and the following kit.
Updated: May 04, 2003  Size: 86kb

For: Philips TSU2000
By: Neil S. Whitaker
Neil Whitaker' First CCF
My first CCF, using tabbed screens and quite a nice up-to-date (as of July 2004) list of all current Freeview channels with single-key press on each channel's logo to select each channel (or surf with + - keys). Also a couple of sample macros.
Updated: October 03, 2004  Size: 42kb

For: Philips TS-1000
By: Raymond Wisco
Raymond's Home Theater CCF
This is a modified CCF of Scott Gardner's Star Trek theme (thanks Scott). One touch Movie On/Off panel. TV and Cable station icon tuning. Most equipment with discrete codes.
Updated: January 16, 2000  Size: 69kb
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