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You can replace your Pronto screen.
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OP | Post 61 made on Sunday February 18, 2001 at 14:18
Allan J
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Can the guys list here the places (company name, address, tel no., contact person, URL and e-mail address) where we can order the screens from (USA or oveseas) so that the others can browse through them with ease fof future users
OP | Post 62 made on Monday February 19, 2001 at 11:56
Scott B
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Allan J

This is where I bought mine, I should be getting it on
2/21/01 I will post and let everyone know how well it worked when I install it

Voyager Electronics
5201 East River Road, Suite#303
Fridley Mn 55421
T: 763-571-2139
ask for Adam
It cost $78.50 + ship
OP | Post 63 made on Monday February 19, 2001 at 16:04
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OR, you can contact customer service for the factory service they now have for repair of cracked screens. I believe the cost is $100.

OP | Post 64 made on Wednesday February 21, 2001 at 00:43
Daniel Tonks
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It's $99 plus tax, including return shipping. You have to pay to ship it out. All-in-all not bad, considering what some of the costs I'm seeing here are.
OP | Post 65 made on Wednesday February 21, 2001 at 18:47
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Very great pictures and desc.
It's nice just to see what's inside.
(My screen is still ok)
OP | Post 66 made on Tuesday February 27, 2001 at 16:51
shaun townsley
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help i need a new screen for my marantz rc 5000 it it a samsung ug24vo1wght3b and i need someone who either supplies to the uk or are based in the uk please help if any one knows where i can find one in the uk i would be very gratefull
OP | Post 67 made on Wednesday February 28, 2001 at 18:12
shaun townsley
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help i want a replacement screen for my pronto but i live in the uk any help most appreciated
OP | Post 68 made on Saturday March 10, 2001 at 13:51
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Thanks to all those in this thread!
One minute my Pronto was working, the next minute the LCD went dead. Backlight worked, Pronto worked but no images. All I had to do was remember where all the buttons were! It's less than 18 mos old.
In any case, I ordered the "B" rev of the LCD from FUTURE ELECTRONICS SALES CORP (800-655-0006, ~$78) in Bolton,MA - in stock. Since they're real close to me it showed up the next day UPS ground.
I rec'd the "G" Rev as a direct replacement. Popped it in, no mods needed, and back in business. I found the Torx T-6 in a Sears Hardware store $2.99.
For the dollars I thought about sending it to Philips but I wanted it working ASAP and this was the fastest way. Maybe Philips could offer a swap and return program?
Thanks again all.
OP | Post 69 made on Friday June 8, 2001 at 12:09
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As a note on this. I called the Samsung catalog sales 800-655-0006.. They quoted me a price of $75 + shipping.. This isnt worth it to me since I can send it to the service group at the Philips Factory Service Center 1-800-300-9013 to have the LCD replaced AND SHIPPED back to me for $99.95. For the 10 or so dollars difference, it is better to have the service people do the repair and test it out.
OP | Post 70 made on Friday July 13, 2001 at 17:22
bob wiener
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I have read all of the responses about cracked screens and called the posted names all over the country and no one can help. I have a cracked uc24u01-wght3-b screen. I called and phillips will replace it for $75. This is the only solution that I have found and I worked on this all day. Does anyone know who else supplies this screen or is it discontinued? If so what is the new model number, price, and place that it can be purchased.

OP | Post 71 made on Tuesday August 7, 2001 at 23:01
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The earth-lcd "A" screen worked great in my RC5000. My original screen had part number:
3340 023 50471

This is the same part that is in some silver Prontos. I swapped it out for the new "A" type screen and am up and running again in record time for a mere $39 + shipping. The brightness and contrast are a little better on the new screen. On the downside, the new screen is less sensitive to the touch than my original screen (anyone know how to adjust this?).
OP | Post 72 made on Thursday August 16, 2001 at 18:59
Jamie Whitehorn
Historic Forum Post
I had a nasty incident with a pickle jar and my Pronto about 2 weeks ago which cracked the screen. Man, was I pissed off! You don't realise just how useful the Pronto is until you have to go back to using 7 different remotes.
However I ordered a Samsung UG-24U01-WGHT3-A screen from, followed the instructions in the FAQ very carefully and now have a fully working Pronto again. Hooray! I had to trim the plastic support bezel slightly to accomidate some capacitors which aren't on the original screen, but apart from that it all went smoothly. The backlight slightly nosier than the original screen and the touch sensativity is less, but it works beautifully.
Many thanks to FAQ authors and to the people who posted their experiences in the forums, without the info here I'd never have fixed it!
Post 73 made on Tuesday October 23, 2001 at 19:03
Founding Member
October 2001
Thanks to all who posted on this thread on the screen replacement.

I had purchased my screen from and the screen that was sent to me was a UG24U01WGHT3A screen from Samsung (39.00 + 5.00 frt). Circuit board quality was much better than the original on my Pronto screen:

L303517-1 PCB576

The clarity is much sharper and seems brighter. The earlier threads on installation were a big help. Thanks again.
Post 74 made on Saturday October 27, 2001 at 17:28
Founding Member
October 2001
I purchased the "A" screen UG24U01WGHT3A online from EarthLCD ( [Link:] ). $39+$20 for overnight FedEx ($5 for UPS Ground).

Notwithstanding the trouble some have had with the "A" screens and the disclaimer on the EarthLCD order page that says this is not the Pronto B screen, I decided to give it a try in my Pronto TS-1000.

I followed the step by step instructions I found at [Link:] (pix were helpful) and did the repair.

First time it didn't work-- I had vertical bars on the screen and no touch capability. I had to try twice more to reconnect the ribbon cable before I apparantly got it in correctly. This is probably the hardest part of the repair job.

The Pronto was working fine, but I noticed that my right hard button didn't have the same clicky feel as the left button. I realized that I had the ribbon cable sitting under the right hard button and pressing on the button would press through the cable. I reopened the pronto and "S" folded the ribbon cable so its no longer near the hard buttons and all seems well.

Probably took me about an hour (but only because I had the ribbon cable troubles) and ended up costing me about $80 -- $40+$20 shipping + $20 for the 6 piece Torx screwdriver set because the hardware store didn't have T6 drivers sold solo.

Still cheaper than a factory repair or refurb.
Post 75 made on Friday November 30, 2001 at 23:08
Founding Member
November 2001
I just replaced the display on my RC5000 today. Following all of the great advice and photos here, it took me about 20 mins in all. I ordered this replacement screen ([Link:]) and even though there is a disclaimer here, it worked the first time. Here are the small snags i encountered and a few things i didnt see documented elsewhere:

1) a magnetic Torx bit helps A LOT with the small screws

2) i was about to scrap trying to peel up the sticker that covers screw #3 on the back but with a decent penknife its easy to peel back

3) i didnt see mention anywhere of a plastic "frame" used to hold the screen itself (maybe cause Im a lazy reader) big deal, but remember to push the new ribbon cable thru the center before trying to attach the new screen

4) the ribbon cable was mounted near the middle on the old screen but near the bottom in the replacement I ordered. I thought this might present an issue regarding folding/fitting the new ribbon cable. I ended up folding the new cable in thirds which worked fine

5) another thing that I didnt remember reading was about the attaching mechanism for the ribbon cable. I guess I was expecting a smaller version of a male/female connector a la printer cables. The ribbon cable actually exposes its bare wires but they are fused together. on the circut board, there is a small plastic connector that is actually 2 pieces: an anchor and a sliding piece. To disconnect the old cable, you need to gently pull back on the lower end of the connector which will slide back slightly allowing you to pull the cable out. Reverse the process to install the new cable. (push the cable in and then push the sliding plastic piece back in which creates a friction connection somehow)

6) the first time i reattached the outer case, the backlight button was stuck in the "in" position. I just unscrewed and rescrewed the case and this was fine.

Hope this helps.
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