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Post 75 made on Friday November 30, 2001 at 23:08
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November 2001
I just replaced the display on my RC5000 today. Following all of the great advice and photos here, it took me about 20 mins in all. I ordered this replacement screen ([Link:]) and even though there is a disclaimer here, it worked the first time. Here are the small snags i encountered and a few things i didnt see documented elsewhere:

1) a magnetic Torx bit helps A LOT with the small screws

2) i was about to scrap trying to peel up the sticker that covers screw #3 on the back but with a decent penknife its easy to peel back

3) i didnt see mention anywhere of a plastic "frame" used to hold the screen itself (maybe cause Im a lazy reader) big deal, but remember to push the new ribbon cable thru the center before trying to attach the new screen

4) the ribbon cable was mounted near the middle on the old screen but near the bottom in the replacement I ordered. I thought this might present an issue regarding folding/fitting the new ribbon cable. I ended up folding the new cable in thirds which worked fine

5) another thing that I didnt remember reading was about the attaching mechanism for the ribbon cable. I guess I was expecting a smaller version of a male/female connector a la printer cables. The ribbon cable actually exposes its bare wires but they are fused together. on the circut board, there is a small plastic connector that is actually 2 pieces: an anchor and a sliding piece. To disconnect the old cable, you need to gently pull back on the lower end of the connector which will slide back slightly allowing you to pull the cable out. Reverse the process to install the new cable. (push the cable in and then push the sliding plastic piece back in which creates a friction connection somehow)

6) the first time i reattached the outer case, the backlight button was stuck in the "in" position. I just unscrewed and rescrewed the case and this was fine.

Hope this helps.

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