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Sony RM-V310 Remote Control Review
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With the RM-V310 only sporting a single IR emitter compared to the RM-VL600's two emitters, I was interested to see how the two remotes would compare with the finer resolution possible under the new test.

Level one, which is significantly thinner than our old test, proved inconsequential to the remote - or any other light source for that matter. Levels two and three were also little challenge, although off-angle performance began to suffer. Level four continued to prove reliable for direct use, while off-angle operation was almost completely eliminated. Level five once again proved functional, but at this point off-angle operation was completely impossible. And that, as it turns out, was the top level achieved by the RM-V310 - with level six absolutely no commands made it through, although positioning the remote approximately one foot closer to the receiver did restore functionality.

With the RM-VL600 scoring an 8 and the RM-V310 topping out at a mere 5, these scores just go to show that two emitters really are better than one!

Final thoughts.
With more buttons, a better keypad layout and a larger code database, the $15 RM-V310 is a worthwhile upgrade over both the RM-V402 and RM-V302 and represents a good value in the preprogrammed-only remote control world. It's amazing that you can get a nice, functional seven device universal remote for less than the price of a DVD movie!

If the Sony RM-AX4000 could be compared to a Mercedes S-Class, then the RM-V310 is more like a Mini Cooper. It'll get you around, but the ride isn't especially smooth. If you plan on using this universal remote with at least four devices, I recommend you look a little further up the model spectrum to at least the level of the Sony RM-VL600, which is still quite inexpensive and yet infinitely more customizable. It really is convenient to be able to put an extra function exactly where you want it - and turn your entire system on with a single button push!

But if this is the limit of your search, remember to double-check that your component brands are covered, and know what you're purchasing: a simple universal remote control for operating basic device functions.

Sony RM-V310
Price:$14.99 USD
Contact:Sony Electronics
Phone:(800) 222-7669
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