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Sony RM-V310 Remote Control Review
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The RM-V310 supports a wide range of devices including all-in-one home theater systems, analog and digital cable boxes, CD players, digital video recorders, DVD players, mini systems, MiniDisc decks, receivers, satellite receivers, tape decks, televisions, VCRs and TV/VCR combos.

The third option is changing how the volume buttons work. Normally, the volume buttons will operate the television under all video devices, and the receiver for all audio devices. Alternatively, if you prefer to control the receiver's volume under both audio and video devices, those codes can be "punched through" to the other devices.

Of macros and manuals.
The fourth feature is for channel macros - something not normally expected in this price range. Don't confuse these mini macros with "real" configurable macros that can be used to automate repetitive system procedures. Instead, this capability allows television-oriented devices to use the six transport buttons for quick links to favorite channels. This feature can only be activated for television, cable, satellite, or digital video recorder devices, and on a maximum of three components at once. Note that some of these devices, particularly television and DVR, already use the transport buttons for other functions.

Each channel macro can have up to four numbers, including the [Enter] key if required. Unfortunately, the macro feature hasn't been updated from the RM-V402 to support the remote's new button layout or more modern devices. Favorite channel macros cannot contain the new HDTV [Dot] key - which is just as well since they're also too short to work with newer QAM-enabled television tuners that can have channel numbers up to 8 digits in length (for instance, 115.1255).

Channel macros can be erased if necessary, and the whole remote can be reset back to factory defaults via a special key combination.

The manual that comes with the RM-V310 is a single huge sheet of paper folded 7 times to fit into the smallest space possible. Although its print is relatively large and easy to follow once unfolded, it has the tendency of trying to accordion back into its original folded configuration when it should be laying flat on a table. A couple of heavy books might help! The preprogrammed code numbers are not included in the manual for the RM-V310 and come on a separate piece of yellow paper - so now that's two things that can be misplaced, instead of one.

Sony provides a standard 90 day warranty, along with a toll-free number for technical support. A sticker on the inside of the battery compartment lid can be used to write your system's code numbers. While battery life is rated conservatively at six months, from experience I'd anticipate them lasting much longer. Settings are not lost when batteries are changed.

What a preprogrammed remote can't do.
There's a very good reason why I typically avoid recommending preprogrammed-only remote controls: what they can't do, they can't do. If your brand of device isn't covered by the built-in database, there's nothing you can do about it. If a code works but a useful function is missing, there's nothing you can do about it. If you don't like a function's placement on a button, there's simply nothing you can do about it. Preprogrammed remotes are either take it or leave it - a caution that covers most manufacturer's preprogrammed-only remotes in this price range.

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