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User reviews for the Home Theater Master MX-500 from Universal Remote Control Inc.
Home Theater Master MX-500
RatingsReviewsMSRP (USD)
Average: 4.80/5.00
Median: 5.00/5.00
The MX-500 is a 10-device all-buttoned remote control with an LCD screen for custom labels on 10 adjacent buttons. It includes full infrared learning capabilities, a preprogrammed database, 5-way joystick, macros and more.
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Written by Ray from League City, TX.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 3 made on Sunday April 8, 2001 at 11:54 AM.
Strengths:Absolutely everything!
Review:Simply put, this is the best remote control I've ever owned. I couldn't be happier with it. It's not only sleek and ergonomic, it's smart and VERY powerful.

Heck, it even gets the lowest battery cover flickability factor (BCFF) rating available, a 0.0. No more broken battery covers because the MX-500's cover isn't very flickable.

I was worried that it wouldn't work well with my DirecTiVo Philips DSR-6000. I programmed it quickly and easily and I gotta say, it's a dream. My wife liked the "peanut" remote a lot, but she likes this one more. Me too.

Daddy like.

- Ray
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Written by Mike Coady from Kansas, USA.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 2 made on Wednesday April 4, 2001 at 12:57 AM.
Strengths:Ergonomic design,Lightweight,Powerful, Easy to use, Shape and texture
Weaknesses:None so far
Review:I've been anticipating the arrival of this remote like alot of others, but I had no clue it would be this good. Since the ergonomic design of a remote is a priorty to me, I knew by the early photos this was the one for me even if it had only average performance. The good news, this is an awesome remote! I'm coming from a Mitsubishi 255i so this is an entirely didn't breed of animal yet still easy to use. I would have preferred a manual that was a little more detailed(it's still very good)for people like me that have never encountered this sophisticated of a remote, but there's always this website to answer questions. The screens pretty much walk you through everything, so it's really not that big a deal.I did my first ever macro by putting three on the device buttons and corresponding shutdown macros on M1, M2, and M3 without alot of trouble.This thing also lights up like a Christmas tree so don't worry about navigating in the dark.I really can't express in words how great I think this remote is. I think after reading about all the problems with the 1000(yes I know it's only the software)I was beginning to think HTM was a company that wasn't capable of designing mature products, but boy was I wrong. This is a sophisticated, elegant, well designed piece of electronic equipment, hats off to HTM. It even comes with classy packaging, beyond my expectations!
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Written by Ron Klingle from Ohio, USA.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 1 made on Monday April 2, 2001 at 6:51 PM.
Review:For the past two years I have been looking for a single remote control that can operate my home theater (Mits HDTV, DTC-100, aux sat receiver, 200 disc DVD changer, VCR, Digital cable box, Tivo, Denon 5700, Remote controlled antenna rotor, Crystal Image video processor, etc).

I started with the best "One for All" remote, then went to an H-K TC1000 (spit) and finally to a Pronto. Although the Pronto could do it, I just do not like it's touch screens and all of the sub menus associated with them.

When I received this remote a few days ago I was honestly more excited than when the 73" Mits was delivered. After about 4 hours of programming the remote (if I would do it again it would take less than one hour), it did everything that I ever wanted a remote to do and then some.

When I finished programming it I gave my wife about two minutes of instructions and she could, for the first time, operate any aspect of our system with out a problem. Its very intuitive. Her smile was bigger than mine. We then had an official ceremony where we put 14 other remote controls away in a back closet (including the pronto).

I love this remote. It is one great product and I would recommend it to anyone no matter how simple or complex your system is.

Ron Klingle

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the Home Theater Master MX-500 remote.
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