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Logitech Harmony 659 Remote Control Review
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Logitech Harmony H659 Features:

LCD screen: The compact, always-on 2-color LCD displays menus, commands and built-in media guides. Six buttons surrounding the LCD correspond to various options and commands presented on the screen.

Hard buttons: A total of 51 hard buttons are included on the H659, providing full control over your devices with separate menu, transport, keypad and volume/channel sections.

Full backlighting: Both the LCD screen and all hard buttons are backlit with a blue electroluminescent (EL) panel. The backlight can be configured for a 5 or 10 second timeout.

Soft-labelled buttons: The LCD screen can show multiple pages of device functions with customized text labels for both activities and devices.

More memory: The H659 includes double the amount of memory as on the SST-748 or SST-745 for more TV guide data.

Internet programmable: All remote configuration is completed through Intrigue’s internet website. Very little software to download, and it’s compatible with Windows and Mac computers!

Simplified activity based concept: The Harmony was designed with quick “activity” control in mind. Instead of operating your components one by one, the Harmony blends the most commonly used functions from each device into activities such as “Watch a Movie” or “Watch TV”. Numerous options allow each activity to be customized to your particular home theater.

Automatically configured macros: The Harmony will automatically create macros to control your equipment’s input and power status. If a device does not use discrete codes, the Harmony’s patented “Smart State Technology” uses internal variables to remember what state a device is in.

Preset components: The Harmony website now features over 30,000 unique components that have been configured characterized for proper operation by other Harmony owners.

Code learning: If the Harmony website is unable to determine the type of device you are using, all codes can be manually learned via the learning eye located on the bottom of the remote.

Built-in TV guide: Updated through your computer every other week, the built-in program guide displays current television shows for cable, satellite or antenna sources. The guide can also be navigated to see what’s coming on later. Media guides can also be created for DVD, CD and MP3 jukeboxes.

Separate device control: When direct access to a specific function is needed, the H659’s [Device] button grants quick access to every command supported by your model.

Sound and picture modes: Each activity and device can have two supplementary modes, each with uniquely configured buttons.

Built-in help: The remote’s [Help] button will assist users in correcting any power or audio/video synchronization issues.

Import Pronto hex codes: If a command is not already in the Harmony’s component database, raw Pronto hex codes may be imported.

Simulator: A full-featured simulator can be used to test the remote’s configuration on your computer, without actually downloading a file to the remote.

Mini USB connection: Provides quick communications with your PC and uses a standard cable type and default drivers.

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