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iProntoEdit Updated
Posted by Daniel Tonks on May 12, 2003 at 1:00 AM
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iProntoEdit v2.0 Philips has just released a brand new version of their iProntoEdit ICF editing package, which is designed for use exclusively with the iPronto TSi6400 remote control/EPG/web browser. Improvements in iProntoEdit v2.0 include:
  • Enhanced communication capabilities with iPronto devices for uploading and downloading.
  • Importing CCF files from other Prontos to reuse them on your iPronto.
  • View IR codes and edit, copy or paste IR codes in HEX format.
  • You can hide devices in the tree view. These devices will not be visible on your iPronto.
  • Support for Jpeg bitmaps in addition to Windows bitmaps. With the "Optimization Settings", you can easily find the right balance between the use of Bitmaps and Jpegs to make your iCF faster or smaller.
  • Full colour fills for panels, buttons and text.
  • Buttons and panels can now be grouped and manipulated as one.
  • Zoom out to see multiple iCF pages at the same time, and zoom in to do detailed editing.
  • Z-order editing to move items to the front or back.
  • Many other user interface features that were previously introduced in ProntoEdit NG.
Late last week Philips also released new firmware for the iPronto, version 1.3.7, which you will be required to upgrade to if you wish to make use of the new software and features. Other firmware changes found in 1.3.7 include an increase of memory for the EPG (up to 500 channels for one week), a fix for a problem where the iPronto would hang in standby mode, and further improvements on overall stability and performance.

The new version of iProntoEdit can be downloaded here, while the firmware update must be obtained directly over the internet through the iPronto.

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