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ProntoEdit NG Firmware & Software Update
Posted by Daniel Tonks on April 12, 2005 at 1:00 AM
RC News Story
Philips has just released a pair of new updates for the Pronto NG TSU3000 and RU950. The first is new ProntoEdit NG v2.1.1 editing software, wile the second is updated firmware v3.6.7 for both greyscale remotes. Improvements include:
    PENG IR Code Duration
  • New IR code duration setting – this is a feature that’s been requested for over four years! Finally, IR duration has come to the Pronto platform. With this handy new capability you can specify the minimum amount of time any infrared code is transmitted – think of it as having your finger automatically sit on the button longer. So, if you’ve got a projector that requires you to hold the power button for two seconds before it turns off, the Pronto will now support that requirement in a macro! Codes can be set to transmit from 0.01 to 10.00 seconds in one-hundredth-of-a-second increments.

  • Faster uploading and downloading – similar to the improvements recently made to ProntoProEdit NG, new USB communications protocols in ProntoEdit NG result in file transfers completing up to 40% faster than the last version of PENG. Transfers will also be more reliable on a wider range of PCs.

  • Quicker file opening – some PCF files will now open twice as fast, a welcome improvement for anyone with a large system configuration!

  • Support for two new IR protocols – ProntoEdit NG now includes dedicated support for Windows Media Center Edition toggle-bit IR codes through a new Media Center device that can be found in the default configuration. New support is also included for the Somfy IR code format.

    PENG RC5 Code Entry

  • Direct input of RC5, RC6 & RCMM codes – although this feature was available in the Marantz version software and in old versions of ProntoEdit, this is the first time it has appeared in ProntEdit NG. Users will now be able to enter RCx-style codes in customer, system, command and data format.

  • Faster gallery performance – the gallery will now take much less time to load.

  • More reliable RF – implementation of a new RF protocol has enhanced the reliability of communications between the remote and RF Extender. Initial user feedback is very good!
Several of these updates catch the ProntoNG up to where the ProntoPro NG’s software already is. Other completely new features, such as IR code duration, will be making their way to the TSU7000 and SBC-RU980 very soon.

Download the new software & firmware here!

In addition to the upgraded software, you’ll also find that our remote file areas have recently received a rather large infusion of other new files submitted by users. Be sure to check it out!

[ Talk with others about ProntoEdit NG ]

Amazing MX-3000 Design Contest MX-3000 contest reminder!
This is a reminder for Universal Remote Control Inc.'s Amazing MX-3000 Design Contest – there’s still time left to enter!

All you have to do is create an original color graphical layout with the MX-3000’s easy-to-use MX Editor PC software. Then send your finished .RCC file to us and, if it’s chosen by the judges as one of the best or most original, you’ll win 1 of 11 prize packages totaling $18,178 in value!

For full contest details, including the official rules and a list of the great prizes, click here!

Toronto/Buffalo HDTV page updated.
Due to emailed requests I've made several changes and additions to the Toronto & Buffalo HDTV Channel Map, including a new table of distances from major cities to local transmitters. If you live in this area and are or may want to receive HDTV over-the-air, you just might find this page useful!

Email "munging"...
In order to foil the numerous email harvesters roaming the web these days, we have implemented a new email "munging" system for the file area and forums. This should effectively hide your email address from those automated bots, should you choose to make it public.

As a result of this, if you would like to email someone from an address provided in either of these areas, you must manually type what you see into your email client, rather than clicking on a link or copying and pasting the text.

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