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Wouldn't You Like to Be in Total Control?
Plus updates to current Home Theater Master models
Posted by Daniel Tonks on January 4, 2002 at 1:00 AM
RC News Story
Wouldn't you like to be in total control?
It's time for a new contest! But first, December 2001's contest is now over. You can find the solution to our anagram puzzle along with a complete list of winners on this page. Since we started running contests with our good friends at, we've given away neat prizes to a total of 148 individuals! Wouldn't you like to be added to our winners' list?

If so, then be sure to enter our brand new contest for January! This month we're giving away remotes, remotes and nothing but remotes! To start with, there's three Easy Zapper Harmony remotes - the little remote with big capabilities. Next up are two of the popular Home Theater MX-500 remotes - great for hard button fans. We then move on to the LCD touchscreen-based Proton SRC2000 10-device remote and an RCA RCU810 all-buttoned remote. Finally, there's also a pair of Fobis Technologies Weemote kids' remote controls. Enter today to ensure that you don't miss out on this opportunity to gain total control!

To enter, click here!

MX-700 Home Theater Master updates...
I've been given an update on exactly what is going on with the product offerings from Universal Remote Control, makers of the Home Theater Master line of remotes.

First, the SL-7000 and SL-8000 remotes continue to exist in their original form. The SL-9000 has been enhanced with a new blue color and DVD arrow keys located at the bottom of the remote - they've always been there, but were not identified in any way, making that function unintuitive. This gives a new lease on life for the SL-9000, which continues to be surprisingly popular.

As of a couple of weeks ago, the MX-500 has been given a slight overhaul with features borrowed from the soon-to-be-available MX-700. The keypad has changed from the original matte flat-topped keys to the new glossy "Gemstone" style used on the MX-700 and the MX-1000. The joystick has been redesigned so that it does not hit the bezel on the left or right, while the LCD screen has apparently also been slightly improved. Finally, at the top of the remote are new round "On" and "Off" hard buttons. True to Universal Remote Control fashion, this is a seamless improvement of the MX-500 with no model number change and thus no way of determining whether a particular unit is the new design without seeing it.

The MX-700 is expected to be released at the end of January - work continues on the MX Editor software package along with final touches on the remote. The MX-1000 remains unchanged for now. Some folks have seen the photographs on URC's home page depicting silver colored remotes - those don't actually exist, they're computer generated images. For now, the MX-1000 remains gray and the MX-500 remains blue.

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