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iPAQ / UEI Nevo Remote Control Review
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Compaq iPAQ H3950 / UEI Nevo Features:

Uses Microsoft Pocket PC 2002: The iPAQ uses Microsoft’s Pocket PC 2002 operating system for familiar Windows-based operation. The iPAQ comes with all applications standard to Pocket PC 2002, such as Pocket Outlook, Pocket Excel, Pocket Word, Pocket Media Player, Pocket Internet Explorer and more.

Color LCD touchscreen: The iPAQ includes a large 3.8” diagonal touchscreen that displays a resolution of 240x320 pixels in 16-bit color (65,536 colors). The screen can be backlit or illuminated with external light. A built-in light sensor can automatically adjust the backlighting according to ambient light.

Fast CPU: The iPAQ includes Intel’s 400MHz XScale ARM-compatible CPU.

Expandable memory: The iPAQ H3950 comes with 32mb ROM, 64mb RAM and a SD memory slot for future expansion.

5-way menu joystick: Along with several “normal” buttons, the iPAQ includes a 5-way menu joystick that can be used for multiple purposes.

Built-in audio: Although not used by the Nevo, the iPAQ features audio playback and recording along with a built-in microphone and headphone jack.

Auto power off: The iPAQ can turn off the backlight and unit after a customizable period of inactivity. Detailed battery levels are also available.

Rechargeable battery: The iPAQ includes a permanent rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery for about 14 hours runtime.

Recharging/docking station: Included with the iPAQ is a stylish docking station that both recharges the unit and connects it to a larger PC. The power adaptor can also plug directly into the iPAQ without the station.

USB & serial communications: Both fast USB and traditional RS232 serial connectors are included on the docking station.

Control of up to 112 devices and activities: The Nevo can control up to 112 devices and activities from its Home Screens.

Download new devices from the Internet: New devices not included in the default code library can be obtained from

Unlimited device pages: There’s no limit (beyond available memory) to how many pages or buttons each device can have.

Built-in code database: The Nevo includes Universal Electronic’s excellent code database of over 110,000 IR codes. Built-in device categories include TV, Cable, Satellite, DVD, VCR, PVR, TV/VCR, Receiver, Amplifier, CD, LD/VCD, Projector, Audio Accessory and Home [Control].

Full code learning: Each soft button on the Nevo can store a learned signal from another remote control.

Download advanced codes from the Internet: Although UEI’s popular advanced codes functionality is not built-in to the Nevo, they can be downloaded to the remote from

Unlimited macros: Each soft button on the Nevo can hold a macro of a nearly unlimited number of steps. Delays between each command are customizable.

Favorite channels: A special section on the Nevo contains network logos which can be programmed with a macro to directly enter that channel on your TV, DSS, cable box, etc. Favorite channel logos not included with the Nevo can by downloaded from or created manually.

Multi-User/Multi-Room architecture: The Nevo supports up to 8 users and 8 rooms, so you can organize your remote and your favorite channels in whatever manner desired.

Customizable button text: Each button can have a customizable icon or text description. Longer descriptions for icon-labelled buttons can also be entered and displayed whenever desired.

Customizable button images: Although button sizes are fixed, new button images can be downloaded from or created manually.

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