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Basic Information
Brand:Scientific Atlanta
Device Type:Cable Box
Model/Series:Explorer 8300HD
Model Year:Unknown
Configurations:Search the file area
15.60" wide 3.25" high 11.20" deep
39.62 cm 8.26 cm 28.45 cm
Notes:No discrete codes exist, however a macro workaround is possible for SARA-based units (and NOT Passport).

First, go to the full Setup menu and under "Power On Keys", change the setting to "Power & Numeric" (if you do not have this option then the box is not running SARA and no macro is possible).

Power On Macro

Power Off Macro

Note that the behavior of this macro, including how much delay is needed, can depend on the firmware version the local cable company is running.

If the cable company powers down the hard drive when the box is idle AND runs firmware that ALWAYS tunes a channel (even if the one entered doesn't exist), then you may find that the amount of delay needed when the drive is off is greater than the maximum command timeout when the drive is already on. The end result is that the box will likely tune channel 1 (or whatever is the first available channel) when powering on, a mild annoyance if it is configured to turn on to the last viewed channel.

For more advanced control systems, power sensors work great when the AC outlet is configured to turn off with the box. This is not available for all firmware versions.
Control Capabilities
Input Options
IR Input Jack:No
Radio Frequency:No
RS-232 (Serial):No
Network IP:No
DC Trigger:No
Output Ports
IR Output Jack:No
RS-232 Output:No
DC Trigger:No
Operation & Behavior
Discrete Codes
- Workaround
Sound Modes:N/A
Picture Modes:N/A
Screen Modes:No
Power On:Unknown
Switch Inputs:Unknown
Important Codes & Commands
No codes have been added for this model.
File Attachments
No files have been uploaded for this model.
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About this page...
This page contains information on how the Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD can be controlled, along with useful tips, tricks and commands to make integrating this device into a universal remote control or other control system faster and more reliable.

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