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Basic Information
Device Type:Subwoofer
Model Year:Unknown
Configurations:Search the file area
11.75" wide 11.75" high 13.50" deep
29.84 cm 29.84 cm 34.29 cm
Notes:Digital Drive series. Firmware can be updated over serial.
Control Capabilities
Input Options
IR Input Jack:Yes
Radio Frequency:No
RS-232 (Serial):Yes
Network IP:No
DC Trigger:No
Output Ports
IR Output Jack:No
RS-232 Output:Yes
DC Trigger:No
Operation & Behavior
Discrete Codes
Sound Modes:Yes
Picture Modes:N/A
Screen Modes:N/A
Power On:Unknown
Switch Inputs:Unknown
Important Codes & Commands
No codes have been added for this model.
File Attachments
No files have been uploaded for this model.
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This page contains information on how the Velodyne DD-10 can be controlled, along with useful tips, tricks and commands to make integrating this device into a universal remote control or other control system faster and more reliable.

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