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Basic Information
Device Type:Blu-ray Disc Player
Model Year:2008
Configurations:Search the file area
17.00" wide 2.13" high 7.83" deep
43.18 cm 5.41 cm 19.89 cm
Notes:Unit is fairly quick on start up and shut down. Blue light on unit means unit is on.

Some details:

- BD Live Ready
- Streaming from Pandora & Netflix
- Has component outputs
Control Capabilities
Input Options
IR Input Jack:No
Proprietary input:Yes
Radio Frequency:No
RS-232 (Serial):No
Network IP:No
DC Trigger:No
Output Ports
IR Output Jack:No
RS-232 Output:No
DC Trigger:No
Proprietary Output:Yes
Operation & Behavior
Discrete Codes
Sound Modes:N/A
Picture Modes:N/A
Screen Modes:N/A
Power On:15.00 seconds
Switch Inputs:N/A
Inter-command:0.35 seconds
Important Codes & Commands
"Play" command will be discrete on while "Play" with a delay of 2.5 seconds followed by "POWER" will be a discrete off. Careful with older models (1400 and less) that have PAUSE/PLAY on same button.
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About this page...
This page contains information on how the Samsung BDP-1500 can be controlled, along with useful tips, tricks and commands to make integrating this device into a universal remote control or other control system faster and more reliable.

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