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PRONTO NEO FAQ: Please read before posting a new question
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Post 1 made on Friday January 14, 2005 at 00:12
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Hopefully, this document is helpful to people trying to get their Neo's to be "just right". I believe it covers the most relevant questions, and ones I find myself answering repeatedly.

Thanks to Daniel for making this thread a "sticky" in order to keep it at the top of this forum.


Anyway, here it is....

Pronto Neo TSU-500

Please review this document before posting any questions in new threads.

Most questions can be answered by simply reading these questions and answers.

What is the best way to begin setting up my Neo?

How do I “learn” codes with my Neo?

I still can’t get the Neo to learn from my remote…

I am trying to teach my Neo codes but when I access the "mode"
menu, the learn and macro buttons are blacked out and don't function.

How do I program the Hard Buttons (Volume Punch Through)?

Can I copy buttons/graphics (bitmap) from another user’s

Where can I get the codes for my ____________?

I can’t find codes anywhere for my brand of equipment.

How can I get custom buttons like channel icons on my Neo?

How do I set up network logos to change channels?

Where can I find logos?

My Macros will only send the FIRST code of the sequence. Why?

How can I control my X10 devices with my Neo?

My X10 module is not responding

I created a custom start page, but every time I use NeoEdit, it
reverts back to the “Device Overview” page. What gives?

I have my set up my Neo the way I want, but is there a way to bypass
that device overview and put what I want in the opening screen?

What does NeoHacker do?

Where do I get NeoHacker?

How do I install NeoHacker?

How do I insert codes using NeoHacker? (Also: Inserting HEX format

How can I open NEO NCF’s with my Marantz software?

Can Neo “remember” whether my TV is on or what input
it is set to?

What are discrete codes?

Where can I get these discrete codes?

No Ports Found or trouble with COM ports:


What is the best way to begin setting up my Neo?

First step is to update your firmware when you get the remote.

Next, create a basic NCF using NeoEdit

Add each piece of equipment you have in your system.

Allow NeoEdit to provide the basic buttons and codes from it’s database.

If you have additional buttons on your remotes that NeoEdit has not included,
now is the time to add them (do not worry about coding them at this time though).

Download the NCF to the remote and test the functions of each device to make
sure they are correct. If any codes do not work learn the necessary IR codes
from the device’s remote. Now is the time to also learn the codes for
the buttons you created yourself in NeoEdit.

Upload the NCF with the learned codes to your PC.

Save the uploaded NCF on your PC.

THEN begin to customize buttons and layouts.

-You should not lose learned codes when you upload. The only things you lose
in the upload/download process are date/time, backlight/LCD settings on the

How do I learn codes with my Neo?

Download your configuration to the Neo. Power up the Neo and navigate to the
device that contains the button you want to learn (ie. Cable). Hold down the
MODE hard button. Then select LEARN. You will see the main page for that device
(in this case Cable). If the button you wish to learn appears on this screen
you can start learning. If not, use the side buttons to navigate to the screen
that does contain the buttons to learn. You cannot go into learning mode on
the Cable device and try to navigate to the TV device. Once you are on the page
that contains the button to be learned you are ready to teach the Neo. Take
the device remote and aim it at the front of the Neo (where the plastic "eye"
cover is). Touch the button on your Neo that is to be taught the code, and then
immediately press the button on the original remote. Some remotes are more touchy.
If it fails the first time (it will beep and say failed) simply try again. You
may need to hold down the button on the original remote for a second or two.
You may need to press and release it as quickly as possible. In some cases you
may need to move the remotes closer or further.

I still can’t get the Neo to learn from my remote.

a) Have you tried all of the programming "tricks" for the Neo? Holding
remotes at different angles, holding remotes at different distances. Holding
down original button for several seconds during learning. Tapping the original
button one time during learning?

b) Have you tried downloading an NCF from the files area that contains your
equipment or a very similar model number?

c) Have you checked the other Pronto files sections? If you can find a similar
model you can probably use those codes. Other Pronto's use Hex codes so you
would have to cut and paste them into Neohacker to get them into your Neo.

I am trying to teach my Neo codes but when I access the
"mode" menu, the learn and macro buttons are blacked out and don't

You are probably trying to access learning and macro mode from the device menu.
If that is the case it is not "broken". To access learn mode you cannot
be on the device menu. For example, if you want to learn a TV button you need
to be in the TV device when you press the MODE button.

How do I program the Hard Buttons (Volume Punch Through)?

It's not as simple as it should be, but it is pretty simple. You just have
to go to each device in your configuration and double click (or choose properties)
on the "Hard Buttons for ______" branch under each. Click on the Volume
UP button and then choose "Create Link". Make a link to the Tuner's
Volume up command. DO the same for Volume down and then link the channel buttons
to your Cable Box. Unfortunately, you then have to go to every device and repeat
this procedure.

Can I copy buttons/graphics (bitmap) from another user’s

Yes, you can either open both your and his NCF’s in NeoEdit and cut and
paste. You can even cut and paste an entire device or page of buttons. You can
also copy one or more bitmaps directly to your PC (if you want to edit them).
To copy to your PC you’ll need a program like WinZip. NCF files are simply
ZIP files. Inside the unzipped file will be all of the bitmaps. They will have
numbers instead of names so you'll have to search through them to find the one
you want. Do not bother trying to copy graphics from any other remote (Pronto,
ProntoNG, etc). These images (even the grey versions) are a different “greyscale”.
The 16 shades of grey on the other Pronto’s will look like GARBAGE on
the Neo as it only has 4 shades (Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, and White)

Where can I get the codes for my ____________?

Check the Neo section of the files area. If your EXACT model number is not
listed, try a similar model of the same device. Most mfg's use the same codes
for all of the equipment in each particular product each VCR will
likely use the same codes as every other VCR they sell, all DVD players will
use the same codes as the other DVD players, all TV's will use the same codes
as each other, etc.

a) If you can’t find the codes in the Neo section, check the Pronto section.
Using ProntoEdit and NeoHacker you can cut and paste individual codes, though
it is a tedious process.

I can’t find codes anywhere for my brand of equipment.

Your best bet is to find out who ACTUALLY manufactures this item. It may be
re-branded and not actually made by the company whose name is one it. If you
can find out who makes the item you can try downloading codes for other items
from that manufacturer. Most mfg's use the same codes for all of the products
in a line.

How can I get custom buttons like channel icons on my Neo?

a) You can copy other users’ NCF’s from the files section.

b) You can make your own using graphics from the web. You'll need some type
of grphics editor like photoshop or fireworks. Any will do. Then create your
own buttons and save them as 4 color greyscale bitmap files (.bmp). Once you
have the graphics you want, open your NCF and right click on any button. choose
properties. go to the appearance tab. click on "select bitmap". in
the new window click on new category in the lower left and create a category
(I chose "custom"). Then choose this category and click on the IMPORT
button on the right. You can then find and highlight all of the bmp's stored
on your hard drive that you want to import.

How do I set up network logos to change channels?

Let's assume you want to make an NBC logo change your channel to your local NBC affiliate. In this case, you want to set up the NBC button as a series of commands that tell the TV (or cbale box) to put on NBC. Lets assume NBC is channel 10 on your TV and all of the other buttons/codes are already programmed for your TV/cable box. Open up the NBC button in neoedit and go to the list of commands. You want to click the button marked "link to" and follow the 'branches' to the device which controls your channels (whether that is your TV or a cable/sat box). Select the page with the #'s (0-9) on it and select '1'. Then add a delay of .1 seconds (to be safe). Then click "link to" again and follow the same steps selecting '0' this time. Now, depending on your system you may need to use an 'enter' button. If so, follow the same steps as above and link to the 'enter' button as the third step. If your system requires three digits to change channels simply follow the same instructions using 0-1-0 instead of 1-0-enter.

Where can I find logos?

This site has just about every TV station logo in the universe. You will have
to convert them to 4 color greyscale though.

My Macros will only send the FIRST code of the sequence.

Macros can only include multiple LINKS to other buttons they cannot contain
"actual commands". If you put more than one command on a button it
will only send the first command. To be honest, I am not sure why you would
want to do it any other way. Otherwise, if you ever changed a component of your
system you would have to re-learn the codes multiple times to different buttons.
This way, all of your buttons link back to the original device codes. If you
change the original device, you automatically change the linked buttons as well.

How can I control my X10 devices with my Neo?

If you want to know how to control your X10 with your neo all you need is the
IR-543 and the codes in the files section. The 543 takes IR codes and converts
them to X10 codes and sends them through the power lines. The only caution is
that the IR543 is only setup to control devices on the "A" setting,
so all of your lights must be set to A for this purpose. With all X10 remotes
you actually have to send it 2 codes to do anything. The first code tells it
which number unit to control and the second tells it what action to take. For
me to turn on light #1 I have a macro that is set up like so: Light 1, delay
.1 sec, On.

My X10 module is not responding.

If you are having trouble getting modules to respond try testing them in different
outlets. Sometimes surge protectors can interfere with the signal.

I created a custom start page, but every time I use NeoEdit,
it reverts back to the "Device Overview" page. What gives?

NeoEdit will NOT allow a custom Device Overview page. NeoEdit will overwrite
any changes you make. There are several alternatives below.

I have set up my Neo the way I want, but is there a way to bypass that device overview and put what I want in the opening screen?

You have 2 choices:

a) Download and use NeoHacker (it is in the files section)

b) Just put your custom pages into a device called "startup". Then
put a JUMP to the start page at the end of your "system shutdown"
macro...assuming you have one. That way, the next time you pick up the Neo you
will be on your start page. Of course, this doesn't reset the "device"
button to take you to the start page but I don't use that button, nor do I ever
need to go to the start menu. If you want a button that jumps you to an action
menu, just add one.

*** Note: If you created a custom “start page”
using NeoHacker, DO NOT save your NCF in NeoEdit. Doing so will overwrite your
changes and revert back to the standard Device overview. You should be saving
your “hacked NCF” in NeoHacker. When you open it in NeoEdit to download
to your Neo just be sure NOT to hit save. After downloading simply close NeoEdit
without saving.

What does NeoHacker do?

NeoHacker has two purposes:

a) It allows you to create your own custom “start page” in place
of the default “device overview” page

b) It allows you to manually cut and paste the actual code strings for the IR
code for any button on the remote. This is useful for inputting codes that were
copied from a traditional Pronto remote. Pronto remotes use a different code
format from the Neo. NeoHacker will allow you to input the Pronto format and
automatically converts it to the Neo format.

Where do I get NeoHacker?

NeoHacker can be downloaded from the “files” section here at RemoteCentral.

How do I install NeoHacker?

NeoHacker will be saved as a RAR file. A RAR file is a compressed file like
a .zip file. You just need an extractor. You'll have to download a program like
winrar. Run the program and you'll be able to get to the NeoHacker program.
You do not need NeoEdit to use NeoHacker. They are separate programs. You should
be able to find WinRAR at When you unzip the RAR file there
should be a program called Neohacker.jar or NeoHacker07.jar or something like
that. All you have to do is double click this program and it runs (assuming
you are on a windows machine). There is also a ‘read me’ file that

”You need a a JRE to run it. You can download the latest JRE from
If you are using Windows, just double-click on the NEOHacker.jar file to start
it. Otherwise, run "javaw -jar NEOHacker.jar"

How do I insert codes using NeoHacker?

First, You must create a button in NeoEdit. There is no tool in NeoHacker to
add buttons or devices. When you create this button, I recommend that you assign
it with an IR code (it doesn't matter what code, play, volume up, whatever).
By having an action assigned to the button it will be easier for you to edit
it in NeoHacker.

Once you have a button in your NCF then you can go into NeoHacker. Open the
NCF in on the "+" next to the device your button
is on. When the "branches" expand, find the button you want to add
the code to. It may be in a sub-branch under "pages" unless it is
a hard button. You are looking for the ITEM with the name you gave that button.
If the button is for your Receiver and is labelled "Input - VCR",
you need to look under the Receiver device for "Item: Input - VCR".
Click on the "+" next to the item. You'll see a folder called "Actions"
at the bottom. Click on the "+" to expand it. You will see a folder
called either "Normal IR" or "Learned IR" depending on the
code you previously assigned to the button. The words Normal IR or Learned IR
should appear in BLUE TEXT. Click on this folder. The text box at the bottom
of the window should now be labelled "You can enter an IR code....etc".
Simply cut and paste the discrete code that you desire to use into this box.
Beneath the box are the words "Save Parameter". This is actually a
large button that you MUST click on to save your code.

Repeat this process for every button you wish to add codes to.

If you do not have discrete codes you will need to get them from another user
or somewhere on the web. Hex codes (From other Pronto models) can be pasted
directly into NeoHacker without converting them to Neo format.

How can I open NEO NCF’s with my Marantz software?

Download the NeoHacker software from the files area. Open the Neo NCF in Neohacker.
Then re-save them as 3200 files. Then you should be able to open them with the
Marantz editor.

Can Neo remember whether my TV is on or what input it is
set to?

No, but all is not lost. If you are trying to build “startup” macros
or “shutdown” macros you need to know what state each piece of equipment
is in. The problem is that most remotes employ a lot of “toggle”
buttons which only alternate through a select number of choices (such as POWER
which only tells the component to change it’s current state, or INPUT
which just shuffles through each option in sequence). While Neo cannot “remember”
states, it can utilize “discrete codes” to help you work around
this problem.

What are discrete codes?

Discrete codes are codes that only initiate one particular action (like ON)
as opposed to the standard POWER button that is a “toggle” code.
Other valuable discrete codes allow users to directly access a particular INPUT
on their receiver or TV (such as DVD or Tuner) without having to flip through
the entire sequence of choices.

Where can I get these discrete codes?

Discrete power codes exist for most manufacturers, but there are some mfg's
who don't use them (check the TOAD’s forum to find out which manufacturers
do not support discrete codes). Unfortunately, most mfg’s do not provide
these codes to the general public. However, you can either buy a programmable
remote from OneForAll and get the advanced codes from their website, or find
another user here who has them in their NCF in the files section. Most descriptions
in the files section tell whether the user has discrete codes. If you can't
find an NCF with discrete codes for your equipment you can extract codes from
a Pronto's CCF and input them into your NCF using NeoHacker.

No Ports Found or trouble with COM ports.

In NeoEdit, select "Options" from the menu bar. Under Options choose
"connection". Then you select which port you have your Neo connected
to. If it is plugged into port 1 choose Com1 if port 2 choose Com2. Also, check
the settings of your COM ports in your PC’s Device Manager. Make sure
there are no conflicts showing (usually there will be a red X or and exclamation
point). The settings should be: Bits per sec: 9600, Data bits: 8, Parity: none,
stop bits: 1, flow control: xon / xoff. If you are still having a problem, verify
that nothing else is “using” that port. The problem is more likely
to be that some piece(s) of software on your system have grabbed them. For example,
fax server, network dialup, modem driver etc.


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