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marantz AVR codes: encoding RC5X?
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Post 1 made on Friday July 4, 2014 at 22:34
Lurking Member
July 2014
ok, so i've been putting in a lot of hours reading and figuring out as much as i can about all this stuff. a very steep learning curve.

so i'm using the sony remote RM-AX1400. after i choose a "preset" in the software, it spits out a txt file with codes in it for many of the buttons/functions. since marantz provides a spreadsheet with the RC5 & RC5X info in it, i was able to figure out how those codes were generated.

here's what i figured out and what i'm still unable to figure out.

for example, here's a code and its formatting (a single line entry) from that file that the remote editing software output (this is to toggle power state on/off):

it works. so i looked at the marantz spreadsheet, which lists not only a VERY LONG hex code that i have no idea how to use, but it also lists
system: 16
command: 12
extension: -- (there isn't one)

well, 16 in hex is 10, and 12 in hex is 0C, and i discovered that the 29 is the "protocol" and it's used by marantz and also some phillips AVRs. so the code is structured this way:

protocol (2 digits, hex) + system (2 digits, hex) + '000000' + command (2 digits, hex) + '000000' + (either '81' or '83' and it really doesn't matter which for any of the commands i'm executing)

so even though the software's output file was seriously lacking in functions, i was able to construct additional codes, make new line entries into the file, and then use the software to assign a button to the code i'd added to the text file. that was awesome. i can successfully use the remote to do almost everything i will ever want to do. EXCEPT...

what i figured out is how to use the RC5 codes, ones without extensions. what i can't figure out is WHERE do i add the extension for the codes that include extensions? for instance, discrete power on and power off are, of course, the same system and command and differ only by the extension. if i want to program a macro to turn everything off, i need to figure that out. if i want to be able to switch input source by using the "input next" code or the "blu-ray input" code, i need to know how to add line entries that include the extension.

none of the codes included for any of the preset files has an extension in it for me to reverse engineer the location of this in the string. i think that's partly because the remote is older? i'm not sure. but i can tell from perusing a lot of sites online that this formatting is very common. marantz just happens to not be quite common enough for me to figure this out specifically.

"input next" is kind of at the top of my list of things to make work. the marantz spreadsheet lists this for "input next":
system: 16 (in hex, 10)
command: 00 (in hex, 00)
extension: 13 (in hex, 0D)

i've already tried doing it by adding in the "0D" into the middle and padding it with another 6 zeros.

like this (spacing for readability only): 29 10 000000 00 000000 0D 000000 81

that didn't work.

i've also tried adding "0D" in after the command "00", replacing two of the zeros in the padding that trail the command, and a variety of permutations that seemed a possibility. there's so much info out there about lots of other much more complicated ways of programming remotes, but mine is actually REALLY simple. well, once i know where to stick the "0D" (or any extension).

but a google search for "marantz rm-ax1400 rc5x" is not helpful. at all. i hope someone here is just nerdy enough to know how i do this. and don't point me to that spreadsheet in the file section of this website that outputs these types of codes---i already looked there, but for some reason it is missing the "29" protocol that marantz and phillips both use.

thanks in advance for your help!!!

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OP | Post 2 made on Monday July 7, 2014 at 23:27
Lurking Member
July 2014
you know, here's another question, probably one i should have asked earlier:
what format is this code?


i mean, what's this format or encoding called? it would be a lot easier to refer to and look up answers about it if i knew what to call it, but in all my searching and reading, i keep seeing types of codes and formats named, and i always look them up to discover these formats are something different than what i'm dealing with.

oh, and if you're wondering why i don't just teach my universal remote the codes, button by button, it's because the remote that came with my receiver won't talk to my universal remote. the universal remote doesn't think i'm pressing any keys on the remote i'm trying to teach it from. i suspect the marantz remote is RF. it works even when i point it at myself / the couch. ugh. a "nice feature" in the remote is thwarting my universal remote attempts. and i really don't want a more modern universal remote if i can avoid it. i like HARDWARE buttons whose locations my fingers memorize by feel, not touch screens i have to look at (:sigh: i miss the days of android phones with full qwerty keyboards, too)
Post 3 made on Sunday September 26, 2021 at 15:11
Junior Member
September 2021
Very interesting work you have done here. Do you have a link to the spreadsheet that holds all the Marantz codes?
Post 4 made on Wednesday September 29, 2021 at 22:51
Lyndel McGee
RC Moderator
August 2001
That format is some sort of Sony internal format/representation of the RC5 function. It will do you no good on the Pronto.
Lyndel McGee
Philips Pronto Addict/Beta Tester
Post 5 made on Thursday September 30, 2021 at 04:07
Long Time Member
August 2013
If someone assembles a list of a few signals with the "Sony representation" together with a long form we can probably "crack" it.

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