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Post 130 made on Wednesday March 27, 2002 at 04:30
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May 2001
There was a discussion a few pages back about storing HTML Tags. This is what I use (and I use it for A LOT of other things as well:
Classic Clipboard stores up to an amazing three thousand clips yet any one clip can be selected and pasted with just two mouse clicks. This is achieved by displaying clips in groups of about 100 at a time. All of the clips in any group can be seen together - no scrolling lists or search routines - just point to the clip you want and click to paste.Arranging your clips into convenient groups is a snap. You can move and copy individual or entire groups of clips simply by dragging, and text clips can be edited or created directly within the program. By default, the display shows the first few words in each clip but you can change this to a more meaningful clip title. Often used clips can be connected to hot keys for immediate use without popping up the Classic Clipboard window and while Classic Clipboard is running, you can cut or copy up to nine times then paste your nine clips all from the keyboard - You cut or copy in the normal way but paste with Ctrl+1 for the first clip, Ctrl+2 for the second and Ctrl+3 for the third Etc. Classic Clipboard is also the ideal place to store your WWW bookmarks. There is a paste mode option which directs your browser to load the clip URL as soon as you paste it into your browsers Address Input Box. The paste mode can be set separately for each clip so you could, for example, save a web bookmark together with your username and password for the site. Classic Clipboard is not just for text clips. Anything that is copied via the Windows clipboard can be stored for re-use in Classic Clipboard.
This is the only place I have been able to find the FREE Version (Full Function). I almost panicked when I found I didn't have my original ZIP file (from 2 years ago, from the Authors' Site) the Authors don't offer a Free Version on their Site any longer . . . but Google came through again:

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