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Post 15 made on Thursday February 16, 2006 at 12:29
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On February 16, 2006 at 10:55, Jeff Wagner said...

Are you using any other hotsync software - like
a palm pilot - on this computer? If this is the
case you could uninstall the software for that
hotsync device to see if the problem goes away
(and learn what is causing the conflict). Otherwise
I'm still looking for ideas...
Another suggestion is to try disabling then re-enabling
your comport to see if that frees it up. I've
not had this problem myself so I'm trying to find

Our IT guy tells me that the sometimes people
have a hotsync device that they've forgotten about
- or was installed accidentally - and this can
cause a problem.

No, this is a very clean computer - I've specifically avoided installing any unnecessary software as I use it only for A/V programming (e.g., I don't even have any "Office" apps on there).

From the symptoms I'm seeing, though, this doesn't appear to be related to a conflict of any sort; recall that once the error occurs, I take action only on the remote (remove batteries, wait 10s, reinstall batteries and peform a full "reset") ... this gets the remote back up and running; I'll then download an empty MXF (no error occurs), followed by the client's MXF. The latter MXF download also occurs without issue ... it's downloads subsequent to this, though, that result in the error occurring again.

So, no action taken on the computer, but the download doesn't result in an error when following the above steps.

Also, it's worthwhile pointing out that even when the error does occur, the remote does still seem to accept the MXF programming. i.e., the error will occur at the tail-end of downloading (after 99%), at which point the remote locks up completely. Pulling the batteries and then reinserting them gets the remote back up & working, and when one tests it it does appear to have received the most recent IR programming, macros, etc.

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