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Post 48 made on Tuesday January 30, 2007 at 23:13
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Way lower? Amazon is wrong about how many they sell? You amaze me with that.

you did not link to Amazon, you linked to a site that supposedly reports on Amazon but is often off.

As a combo disc it is well worth it for someone that wants to watch the movie but had no HD player. Well worth the extra $4. Will the Departed on Blu-Ray work on a SD player?

Why would I want to watch SD. I bough two BD players so that I donít have to. So that I can watch HD in two rooms in the house. Why would I want to spend 4$ more for something I will never use. Also do you realise it is 4$ more then BD and not DVD? It is much more then that VS DVD and no one that does not have an HD DVD player will buy the combo. No one is that much of a moron.

One example. The overall average is what I'm talking about.

The over all average is meaningless. You donít buy averages you buy movies and movies fall in price over time,. HD DVD does not have many newer movies and there are many titles (like the Serenity I pointed out) that have been on the shelves since day 1. It has been there almost a year, it was one of the first titles on HD DVD. If you compare titles you need to compare the same ones. You canít compare averages, you canít compare catalogue to new, you canít compare a 1year old title to one that just came out. And you canít even compare one studio to an other because some tend to charge more then others. When you compare the same ones BD on 50 or 25= HD DVD on 30 no matter which version has more features (more and more it tends to be the BD) or HD DVD is more expensive if it is a combo.

Third rate? Rubbish. BS!

Then what? Fourth or fifth rate.

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