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Post 32 made on Sunday January 28, 2007 at 12:52
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We? I don't get it.

we= Toshiba. They said they c=got it working and that they will be bringing it in front of DVD forum at some point. The issue is they said the same thing just under two years ago about the HD DVD45 and that was never brought to the DVD forum. 45 would have been more easily added at that point in time because HD DVD was not out yet. Now if 51 is added to the specs it makes a mess. A studio will need to think "do I go with 51 or 30, 30 is not enough and I can add ______ but 51 won't play well on some players. If I do go wit 51 how do I differentiate between what players can play it and not PO customers that buy it and it won't play. Should I do split runs (less features in a 30 for the other customers)......"

for example let's say HD DVD adds 51GB to the specs, NL decides to make LOTR on 51GB and the AX2 can't play them. How would bookaroni feal about that?

200GB has been done?

yes, even demonstrated at CES by TDK and one other (can't rememebr who). Still not an official BD format and might never be added (especially as ROM where it is harder to change specs). For r/rw it is not out of the question drives usually say what format they can use and DVD definetly got people into looking at more then just the type (i.e. DVD+ or DVD- SL or DL....). But a movie is something you buy to play on a player so if some players are none compatile with a movie it is a bigger issue

I don't live in Europe.

did not say you did. You said King Kong proved 30 is enough, I just pointed out that because of the 30GB limit you lost some stuff you could have had if it was 50GB and that people in Europe will lose even more. I am not the one trying to defend 30GB as enough for all movies and content.

Over a month? Wow. I am impressed.

well the change only started a bit over a month ago, BD though is now at 2:1 vs HD DVD and growing every day

2 mil shipped maybe, but not sold.

sold. At least that is what the sales tracking was showing

In the Portland area I ask every employee at the stores I frequent how each gaming system (and the Xbox add-on) are selling. Been doing this weekly. Xbox add-ons are selling ok and the PS3's are gathering dust.

maybe people in Portland are special. For the rest of the world that is not the case. Also for someone that just said you don't care about gaming it is funny how you go around asking about gaming systems

We might all lose anyway if it becomes a niche market and another superior technology comes along that the consumers get convinced they need.

if it is a niche market a superior product is not needed for all of us to lose. On the other hand if it is superior then let them both be dead. Either way (BD wins, both lose to inferior, both lose to superior) the PS3 will still be an excelent gaming machine that he will be able to enjoy)

Price of standalone HD-DVD players are much cheaper and you get much more for that lower price.

don't know about that, they are only cheaper because you decided to exclude the cheapest BD player. And the player you are talking about (the AX2) is not cheaper

Some of the things you get "extra" with a HD-DVD player over a BD player are the new advanced HD audio decoders built into the players, because they are required as part of the format.

HD DVD requires stereo in lossless and DTHD only (but the Toshiba players can do DTHD lossless up to 5.1). So the titles that use DTS-HD MA will just be DTS (and some HD DVDs use DTS-HD MA) . And if you look at titles (what a player can do is almost useless if a title does not have the content) few HD DVD titles come with lossless (and some of them DTS) while most (almost all) BD titles come with it (many in PCM that does not need decoding). Also no HD DVD at this point has use 24/48 lossless while some BD titles have

Better interactivity that is available with ALL HD-DVD players because they are mandatory from the start

that is a load of BS. Even Disney that was a cocreator of HDi and gets royalty payments from it state BD-J is better. On the other hand has any HD DVDs included an in movie game? have any had conditional branching so that you can decide what cut scenes and other stuff to include in the movie?

BD players sold now will not be able to do everything that the format will/could provide because the BDA decided to create 4 different profiles of players (3 video/1 audio).

and the same is true for HD DVD. The one good thing about profiles, it is for optional content so your player will still play. With HD DVD some of it is optional (like MC) others might not be (like adding 51GB to the spec that would make a player totally useless)

--- for the rest the 4 BD profiles are

-- BD audio -- a high end audio standard for music disks
-- BD live --- the highest standard for video players it must be able to connect to the internet for extras --- for example DL more audio streams, DL extra subtitles, play a Q&A game live with others

and then the two BD-Video standards

the ver1 that is there today and the newer one that comes into effect in June or July- the difference between the two is that Ver2 requires a secondary decoder so that two video streams can be decoded at the same time (some refer to this as PiP, but PiP can be faked with one video stream

Better average PQ with HD-DVD over BD that looks not only more detailed but looks smoother with motion.

that is rubish. Now you don't have a BD palyer so obviously you are just retransmitting some BS you read somewhere, but find anyone that has both and ask them


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