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Post 279 made on Saturday March 18, 2023 at 17:31
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March 2023
It is understandable that many people here are now upset about this. It is unfortunate that the originally installation company has gone out of business and can not return to help.
It has always been policy that the CCP program was for professionals only. It never made sense why some companies gave out the software at their discretion to begin with. Doing so takes away from future work from the business perspective. Not only that, companies typically have invested hours of traing to become certified and have the rights for the software. Why give it away for free? Never made sense.
From a business perspective, I think it was about time they put a password there to protect this from being given out freely. If anyone who is authorized gives out the credentials is looking for troubles as this information is the same for dealer access on the web. This means free training to un authorized people as well as access to dealer pricing. It's hard enough already with shady businesses selling dirt cheap on the Internet and hard to compete. And then you wonder why they up the installation fees. It'ssomething I've been dealing with for years.

Why do people feel it's OK to "steal" the programming and circumvent having to call someone who is trained for it and has vested time and money into it. It's just like people who go to an auto repair shop and ask for a "free" diagnosis with a check engine light. You expect a trained professional to use an expensive piece of equipment who is paid a decent salary to give away that service only to have the information to go to the nearest Autozone or Pep Boys to get the parts and do themselves.

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