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The Best DVD Demonstration Scenes
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You've got company coming over and want to make a lasting impression on them with your expensive new home theater system. Quick - what DVD can you play that will instantly blow their minds? Now if you're anything like me, you can sit there staring at hundreds of DVD titles and yet draw a blank when it comes to showcase pieces. Well, no more! Just use one of these fantastic demonstration scenes as submitted by our members.

Know of a great scene? Add it! Did you really like one of these 254 suggestions? Didn't like another? Vote - and talk about it in our DVD forum!

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Submitted by Wayne McLelland on 06/03/04.
Dr. Chesky's 5.1 musical surround show
(2 votes)
Location:Every chapter
Features:Surround Sound Demo DVD
Description:This DVD has everything from drums to chimes, cars to trucks, voices making noises in different speakers, and subwoofer tests that are pretty outstanding.
I do surround sound for a living. I highly recommend this demo dvd.

Submitted by Adam on 05/30/00.
(11 votes)
Location:Chapter 12
Features:DD 5.1 or DTS 5.1 depending on the version u purchased.
Description:In this scene Draco (voiced by Sean Connery) is flying around Bowan (Dennis Quaid). Draco starts out in the front left, then goes counter clockwise around the room, visiting each speaker. He cycles about 3 times. This is the perfect scene to introduce newbies to 5.1 surround.

Submitted by jason on 06/05/03.
(1 vote)
Location:the scene where he picks up quarters with the tires
Features:music...bass..surround, all of it
Description:just watch really gets you pumped up!!!

Submitted by Mark Williamson on 05/13/03.
Drum Line
(3 votes)
Location:Last Scene of the Movie
Features:5.1 Dolb Digital
Description:The last scene is the face off between the percussion sections of the top two bands. The crispness of the snare drums and the sharp crack of the rim shots makes it seem like you're right there on the field. The thunderous bass drums and the crashing symbols make the listening experience complete. One drumline is wearing bright blue and yellow uniforms, while the other is wearing vivid purple and white. The colors will make your screen come alive. This is a great movie to showcase your system albeit with a different violence or explosions...just pure visual and audible nirvana.

Submitted by David Michaud on 05/12/04.
(2 votes)
Location:Last Battle (band)
Features:Total Surrond sound
Description:Just listen to the instruments do their work.. we use this one at work all the time

Submitted by C on 03/21/00.
Eagles' When Hell Freezes Over
(9 votes)
Location:All Songs
Features:Feels as though as you are in a concert.
Description:Once you hear this disk, you wish all future music should be released on 5.1 DVD.

Submitted by Jim Clements on 11/04/00.
Eagles' When Hell Freezes Over
(12 votes)
Location:(DTS) Chap 22 Seven Bridges Road
Features:Spatial Surrounds Dynamic sound field
Description:Audio only bonus track features an Eagle from each speaker. Pure smooth vocals beautifully mixed.

Submitted by dennis romero on 09/30/03.
Eagles' When Hell Freezes Over
(2 votes)
Location:all of it
Features:quality audio
Description:When your customer is not a action movie fan, this will drop them.

Submitted by David Bjorgen on 05/15/01.
(1 vote)
Features:Sound movement
Description:Sean Connery and Katherin Zeta-Jones blow up a cinderblock with plastic explosives. The chunks of the concrete fly towards the camera and the sound flys past your ears. You can hear the broken pieces hit somewhere behind you.

Submitted by Brad Fleischer on 02/26/02.
(2 votes)
Description:The airplane scene when Arnold awakens after being drugged by James Cahn. It starts when he throws the "cheap piece of mail order shit" and it stabs Cahn, followed by a jet engine blowing, and jet sounds, with great background sounds, ending with Arnold crashing to "Earth." Where am I? Earth..welcome..
Great, awesome test sounds to show off digital and subs.

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