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The Best DVD Demonstration Scenes
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You've got company coming over and want to make a lasting impression on them with your expensive new home theater system. Quick - what DVD can you play that will instantly blow their minds? Now if you're anything like me, you can sit there staring at hundreds of DVD titles and yet draw a blank when it comes to showcase pieces. Well, no more! Just use one of these fantastic demonstration scenes as submitted by our members.

Know of a great scene? Add it! Did you really like one of these 254 suggestions? Didn't like another? Vote - and talk about it in our DVD forum!

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Submitted by Swamp on 02/17/03.
(1 vote)
Location:Chapter 15 Depth Charged
Features:"Sub" Bass
Description:WHAT! WHAT!
nuff said

Submitted by VauZett58 on 05/03/05.
U2 (Go Home, Live FM Slane, Castle)
(2 votes)
Features:Great dynamic 5.1 Surround sound
Description:A concert with a phantastic bass ,instruments are clear locatable, Bono's voice is in the center of your room ,
the dynamic is phantastic and the crowd's applause is around you. A must have !

Submitted by Ryan Judd on 10/03/00.
US Marshalls
(1 vote)
Location:about half way thru,
Description:About half way through the movie there is a plane crash where a plane fulled with convicted fellons attempts a crash landing on a public road, this features excellent reproduction using 5.1 sound.

Submitted by Steve on 03/13/06.
(1 vote)
Location:To many chapters to mention
Features:Massive tight deep base and surrounds
Description:I Have Just about every Movie listed on this site
I agree with them All. The Underworld is a vampire Movie and the sound is just unbelieveable it has everthing from smashing glass crunching bones and massive deep deep base. just get it

Submitted by Cliff on 02/15/04.
Vanilla Sky
(2 votes)
Features:Discrete audio
Description:At the very beginning, you can faintly hear the sound of New York city. Then the picture displays and it is noisier. Then blackness and silence. A fairly nice effect to manage the midranges and highs.

Submitted by Theo Buitink on 02/14/02.
Vertical Limit
(1 vote)
Location:cahpter 1&2
Features:excellent picture and realistic sound
Description:excellent, when you start this movie, you will sit till the end. Don't forget to breathe.

Submitted by John Mairs on 01/24/06.
War of the Worlds 2005
(1 vote)
Location:Lightning Strike, Tripod coming out, ch7 & ch16
Features:DTS track
Description:This movie has overcooked Bass on the Lightning Strike, Tripod breaking out from the ground. This is the king of Bass for a 2005 movie. If your sub's got what it takes, turn it up and break your house foundations. :)

Submitted by Tim Jergy on 01/30/03.
We Were Soldiers
(2 votes)
Location:The Whole movie
Features:Dolby Digital 5.1
Description:Amazing war movie, realistic, tons of surround.

Submitted by Bill D. on 11/27/00.
Wild West
(1 vote)
Location:chap21, 1:40- 2:30
Features:audio (bass track)
Description:If you want an excercise for your sub this will work: When the mechanical spider comes out for the first time walking and blowing up the three columns of rock, moving towards the presidents train. The three explosions and the walking will make your subs jump out of their enclosure.

Submitted by jipteq1 on Sunday June 18, 2006.
(1 vote)
Location:first jungle scene
Description:when the body floats int shot the first gunfire is heard this is a good reproduction of a thompson and at good volume it will almost blow you off your seat others that were in the room at the time craped themselves

the other cool scene is when the ships let loose with the 50 inch guns trul awsome

in fact the whole film sounds great

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