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The Best DVD Demonstration Scenes
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You've got company coming over and want to make a lasting impression on them with your expensive new home theater system. Quick - what DVD can you play that will instantly blow their minds? Now if you're anything like me, you can sit there staring at hundreds of DVD titles and yet draw a blank when it comes to showcase pieces. Well, no more! Just use one of these fantastic demonstration scenes as submitted by our members.

Know of a great scene? Add it! Did you really like one of these 254 suggestions? Didn't like another? Vote - and talk about it in our DVD forum!

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Submitted by Fred on 04/04/00.
Fifth Element
(14 votes)
Location:ZF1 (Chapter 15)
Features:Great 3D localisation of sound + effects
Description:Great scene. You can hear all the effects of the ZF1 flying around you (the net laucher goes THROUGH YOU !). Plus the switch from the echoing sound when gary oldman talks to the plain sound when Mila Jovovitch shows up is perfect. And of course, the ending explosion in the scene gives some work to your subwofer. Give it a try !

Submitted by Jamie White on 05/17/01.
Fifth Element
(3 votes)
Location:Bandaged girl falls
Features:Spacial Placements
Description:Where she falls through the traffic, fantastic front and rear surround. Its what I use to show off DD !!

Submitted by William McKean on 06/20/00.
Fight Club
(8 votes)
Location:Intro Credits
Features:This DVD oozes with MERIT
Description:First off I have to say I love this movie and so should everyone else. The opening CG intro with that kick butt score by the Dust Brothers, is one of THE best credit intros ever. Great visuals throughout the movie and even better audio, this movie is why DVD was invented.

Submitted by Kev on 07/03/00.
Fight Club
(4 votes)
Location:THX optimode test(first disc menu)
Features:Tests your speakers
Description:This is the perfect way to test your speakers and your TV. It puts out a sound for each speakers so you know that your speakers are functioning normally. If there is a better demo scene, I don't know about it.

Submitted by Ron Baker on 08/05/00.
Fight Club
(5 votes)
Location:End of chapter 8
Features:DD 5.1 assualt on your system
Description:Mid-air collision. Lots of surround and LFE stuff. Great demo scene for the unexpecting visitors to your theater.

Submitted by Dave on 03/23/01.
Fight Club
(1 vote)
Location:About half way
Features:Excellent score, sound, technique
Description:Explanation of how appartment exploded. The camera pans across the kitchen floor (grovy music plays) sweeping sound effects follow. Gas is ignited by refrige compressor...scene ends with pretty good explosion effect

Submitted by Andy Freeman on 10/17/03.
Final Destination 2
(4 votes)
Location:DTS-ES Chapter 2
Features:Awsome crash scene.
Description:This was the first DTS-ES disk that I played on my new 6.1 setup and I cannot find another scene on any DVD to rival the effects and sounds of the big crash scene. Lots of cars, trucks a motorbike and a bus with loads of fire, explosions, broken glass and crushing metal make this a scene to justify the money you spent on a 6.1 amp and speakers!!!

Submitted by Pedro on 03/05/04.
Finding Nemo
(7 votes)
Location:Chapter 6
Features:Solid Bass Sound
Description:When the dentist's niece touch the fish bowl a few times.

Submitted by BlackJack on 02/20/05.
Finding Nemo
(3 votes)
Location:chapter 25
Features:deep bass
Description:Check out the sequence with Darla banging on the outside of the fish tank that bass will shake the pictures off your walls in seconds.

Submitted by Aaron on 05/18/05.
Flight of the Phoenix
(1 vote)
Location:2nd Chapter ? Plane Crash
Features:Both DDEX and DTS
Description:This seen is actually better in DD then DTS great amounts of bass and seperation as parts of the plane are dispursed during the crash

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