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Pronto lcd screen differences
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OP | Post 61 made on Sunday September 17, 2000 at 10:15
S. Johnson
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Add another one to the list with a bad LCD on an new "Silver" pronto. I almost need strain my eyes to make out the lettering on a small font. I'll be returning this one as well, and hope to find a way to get a decent LCD version.
OP | Post 62 made on Monday September 18, 2000 at 03:41
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I guess we have to realise that the price you pay for using leading edge technology is that it will be constantly updated with newer models. For example - you buy a PIII 700 today, and in 2 months time you realise that the PIII 900 is out...why didn't you wait??? hehehe The only thing you can do is to buy when it suits you - and then be happy with what you bought. If you have the means, you upgrade when the selling price of the old model is still favourable, and the cost of the new model isn't too high (my PC philosophy - I try to trade up every year or so).

OP | Post 63 made on Monday September 18, 2000 at 04:47
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hmmm...I should have read to the bottom of the second page of this thread...not just the my previous posting seems so out of context. Sorry bout that chief!

OP | Post 64 made on Monday September 18, 2000 at 14:50
Steve Brittenham
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I know this thread is long, but I thought I would add just a few more relevent comments. As I pointed out under another thread, my calls to Marantz in the US did get me to someone knowledgable enough to know that the LCD vendor was indeed changed a short time before the noew RC5000i came out. That means that even buying an "old" RC5000 may not get you the old, preferred screen. I've had both, and the differences is what prompted my call to them to begin with. The store I got mine from compared two RC5000 and two RC5000i remotes, and the latter's poorer display was consistently noticeable (and disappointing). And as a final note, my old RC5000 with the sharp, preferred LCD does hum (in contrast with an earlier thread that suggested the better displays may not have).
OP | Post 65 made on Wednesday September 20, 2000 at 09:30
Mike Flanagan
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I just got my Silver pronto Yesterday and yes, the lcd seems dim to me even though I have nothing to compare it to. The contrast is horrible even using the wheel. I love the remote but you have to put it up to your face just to see the buttons.

Can there be a software fix or are we screwed?

OP | Post 66 made on Wednesday September 20, 2000 at 09:36
Mike Flanagan
Historic Forum Post
One more note.

In the ads for the remote in Home Theater magazines the screen on the remote is really clear. Also on the box that the remote came in, on the back it shows actual pictures of the screen. It is MUCH different than my remote. Mine is very washed out in comparison.

I know in ads that the picture is probably simulated, but the one on the box looks actual. What gives?

OP | Post 67 made on Thursday September 21, 2000 at 00:31
Daniel Tonks
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Pictures on the box? Those are ALWAYS doctored. Amazing what you can do with Photoshop.
OP | Post 68 made on Thursday November 16, 2000 at 13:35
Historic Forum Post
I noticed how fuzzy the display on my remote was ever since I've used it. I decided to try an experiment: replacing the screen I have with one available from Samsung. The difference was remarkable! Enough of a difference for me to order a spare screen for my own "warranty" repair. The Samsung screen is much sharper: particularly with the backlight. Here is a bonus: the screen exhibits no contrast drift.

The Samsung part number for the screen that was used for some of the early Pronto's was UG-24U01-WGHT3-C. The currently available part number for a new screen is UG-24U01-WGHT3-G. This screen (UG-24U01-WGHT3-G) will fit in the Pronto with a 5x5mm cutout in the battery compartment for the new location of L1 (a small inductor) and a 5x5mm cutout on the plastic screen support bezel for another surface mount component. A single edge razor can be used to make the cutouts. No soldering is required, just the cutouts.

If you want to replace the screen yourself keep in mind that any modification you make to your remote will void your warranty; however, a $150 warranty screen replacement is more than the $80 (including shipping) I paid for a replacement.

You should be able to order this screen through a Samsung distributor near you. Some distributors have a minimum order requirement.

Please don't contact me for a replacement screen.

UG-24U01-WGHT3-"B" screen information can be found here:

(I think the B, C, and G screens are similar.)

OP | Post 69 made on Thursday November 16, 2000 at 14:53
Historic Forum Post
So where can I get a remote with a good screen?
OP | Post 70 made on Thursday November 16, 2000 at 21:18
Historic Forum Post
This is a very interesting thread as when I first got my silver Pronto one month ago I thought that the screen/display was 'pretty ordinary' but maybe I was being too fussy and I never had anything to compare it to anyway.
I remember reading in a review somewhere that the screen was very easy to crack, even with normal/light finger pressure and that the new screens were either of a different, tougher material or even had a laminate bonded into them - I wonder if this is why they are not as good as the original ones?
Whatever, I must say that whilst I am really happy with the Pronto's capabilities I am far from happy with the dim screen - my $60 Rex is far sharper and clearer...
OP | Post 71 made on Saturday November 25, 2000 at 19:05
Daniel Tonks
Historic Forum Post
However, your Rex is a 2-color non-touchscreen non-backlit display. It makes a difference.
OP | Post 72 made on Sunday November 26, 2000 at 08:03
Martin Walla
Historic Forum Post
What about the new model TSU 2000 ?
Does anybody know about the quality of the TSU 2000 screen in comparison to TSU 1000 or the european model ?
Maybe some dealers/resellers can do a comparison for us ? - Would be very helpful !
OP | Post 73 made on Thursday November 30, 2000 at 05:52
Historic Forum Post
I bought a new silver Pronto from Richer Sounds on-line and was dissapointed with the screen. I took it back to the Newcastle store and swapped it, but the replacement was much the same.

I bought the Pronto to replace my older 'Remote Angel' touchscreen, yet the difference between the two in terms of contract and brightness is remarkable. I found that I have to have the Pronto back-light on almost all the time to be able to see the screens. Very washed-out compared to the Angel!

Does anyone know yet where you can get a 'good screen' Pronto? From Mike Huggins' findings, can we assume that 'letsautomate' has some decent ones? Or were all the ones Mike tested as bad as each other?

OP | Post 74 made on Thursday November 30, 2000 at 17:07
Thomas Funke
Historic Forum Post
I bought 3 Prontos from Mike at letsautomate and only the first one was a good one. I bought that one last year but the other two I bought from him this year for friends were very poor. I have noticed this and spoke with Mike and also e-mailed him but he can't do anything about it. He said that all the Prontos from about May onwards have the poor display and he has no other once left. They are very bright on the backlight but the contrast is very poor. If my Pronto ever packs up I think I will go for a Marantz. I looked at the Marantz at the LIVE2000 in London and the display was better then the current Pronto.
By the way has anyone noticed that the contrast level and ajustment gets worse with age of the Pronto? I never had to ajust as much as I am doing now.

OP | Post 75 made on Thursday November 30, 2000 at 17:20
Historic Forum Post
Had my silver pronto for 'bout a week and the first thing i noticed after the initial honeymoon period was the screen was indeed pretty washed out and contrast adjustment in need almost all the time - as pointed out by most of you images are difficult to read, but i don't have another unit to compare with any way - i just know the one i have is fuzzy... not sure i can live with it sorta take out the ease of use idea.. set contrast, hold at an angle where you can see it and fire... Its amazing what the buying public will accept and the silence from the manufacturer is deafening...
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