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Weemote Kids' Remote Control Review
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Fobis Technologies Weemote
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I tested with two televisions. The first, a Sony, does not require a leading "0" but does require "Enter". The second, a Hitachi, requires a leading "0" but not "Enter". The Weemote operated both of these sets perfectly, however I had to configure the Sony for "Enter" while the leading "0" was automatic on the Hitachi. The amount of delay between each channel number entry was about one quarter of a second, resulting in quick operating but completely reliable macros. About a half second pause is required between pressing each successive channel button.

Yellow stars, green squares and pink circles...
Physically the remote is well designed. Fun shape, bright colors, appears durable. The molding edges could be a little smoother, and the buttons could use a more positive tactile response. The two screws fasten into metal bushings – no plastic threads here – and are specially designed so they cannot be detached (or lost) from the remote itself. Most buttons are labeled or well shaped for their intended function, however nothing indicates what function the red oval Power button or gray square Mute buttons have; you’ll need to go from memory. The manual still cautions about spills and repeatedly dropping the remote, but that would be extremely hard to control around a three-year-old. The design of the Weemote steers clear from small pieces of plastic, such as a plastic IR emitter cover, which could have detached and posed a choking hazard. The remote is large enough that it’s unlikely to be lost, but small enough that little hands can easily grip it.

Fobis Technologies Weemote
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Different to what you may initially imagine, the Channel Up/Down buttons don’t actually control the normal channel functions on your TV. Instead, they rotate through the specific channels as programmed on the favorite buttons. Since the Weemote has no keypad, this guarantees that your children can only watch what is approved. If five channels are not enough, the "Mute" button may be converted to a sixth favorite channel button. If five channels is too many, the remote will operate properly with whatever number you choose to use.

If you’ve got more than a TV... but not much more.
In addition to televisions, the Weemote can be configured to operate a Set Top Box, for either cable or satellite – and as described earlier it supports full three digit channel numbers. In this case, you must configure the remote to set the proper television channel, either "3" or "4", that your box is hooked up to. You can’t select a S-Video or RCA video input, so it seems they expect your equipment to be hooked up to the TV solely through an RF connector. Afterwards, each time the Power button is pressed the remote will wait a few seconds then enter the proper channel number. Finally, if you use a different audio reproduction system – such as a stereo or receiver – the Weemote cannot be programmed to control it.

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