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Sony RM-VL900 Remote Control Review
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Once in macro record mode you may navigate the remote and select up to 16 commands – learned or otherwise – to include in your macro. Selecting a new component counts towards the total number of steps, as do double-button commands. Like the AV2100, the VL900 allows you to customize the delay between commands for each of the 11 macros. The default is 127ms, however if you find your components do not respond properly you may try 408ms, 708ms or even a full second between signals. A new channel macro function was introduced on the AV2100 and is also available on the VL900. This makes use of unused buttons under the TV, Cable and Satellite devices to record short four-step macros on the keypad for entering channel numbers. Up to 6 may be created.

Advanced Functions
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Moving on to more sophisticated operational functions, the VL900 can be configured to control the amplifier’s volume under all components, or the amp’s for audio devices and the TV’s for video devices. Signals learned on the volume commands are not passed down through all devices, but this does mean you may override the automatic control for selected components. Any component button may be changed to control a VCR, VD player, Satellite, Amplifier, CD player, Tape deck, MD recorder, Television, Cable Box or DVD player. This provides easy customization if your system doesn’t match the original selection of devices. Like the AV2000 and AV2100, the VL900 includes dual-button commands for directly selecting seven television or six VCR inputs on Sony components. Owners of other brands may use these double-buttons to learn different functions if they desire.

It is possible to copy the entire configuration of one component to another button – this is useful if you decide to add a new component to your system and want to switch the layout around with a minimum amount of effort. The VL900 also displays the same [T] logo as the AV2100, which means it is possible to copy components or entire configurations between any combination of these remotes. All functions, including component codes, learned signals, and channel macros are transferred. Finally, it is possible to lock the VL900 so that it cannot be used without first knowing the key combination to unlock it.

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