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User reviews for the Harmony 880 / H880 from Logitech.
Harmony 880 / H880
RatingsReviewsMSRP (USD)
Average: 3.36/5.00
Median: 3.83/5.00
The H880 is the first Harmony with a color LCD screen. It also offers their famous activity-based concept for 15 devices, web-enabled setup with USB connection, television program guide and a rechargable lithium ion battery.
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Written by thomask747 from Toledo, Ohio USA.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 32 made on Wednesday January 3, 2007 at 5:46 PM.
Also owned:None
Strengths:Attractive, comfortable to hold, good price for a PC programmable remote.
Weaknesses:Tiny buttons are difficult to use without looking at them, doesn't hold programmed functions well, Logitech customer support abysmal.
Review:The PC programming seemed like a good idea, and it is a "sexy" looking little device. I was swayed by these features, and despite a number of negative reviews on various forums....I bought one...hoping that I'd be one of the "lucky ones" No such luck. Many forum-posters referred to having problems with the charging base. I didn't keep mine long enough for that to be a problem. My main problem was that the thing couldn't maintain the programs. My monitor input from my DVR is an HDMI cable, and despite the fact that my user-settings web-page at Logitech showed that it was programmed to go to the HDMI input when I selected "watch PVR" never, ever did. There are several "help" functions (FAQs, etc.) on the web-site.....but long story short.....many of the FAQs were about simple, Mickey Mouse stuff. I never could find a way to solve my input problems. It gradually became worse and worse (like the thing had a mind of it's own) and I'd have to fight with it just so that my wife could watch "her shows". I could get it straightened out within about five minutes, but who wants to do that? I wanted a universal remote to simplify my Home Theater experience.....not turn it into a science project. As for Logitech's customer service.......I got nothing more than a "form letter" stating that they regretted my difficulties. Nothing else. Nothing. Eventually I just gave up and took it back to Best Buy. On the box it came in, there's "selling point" paragraph extoling the virtues of the "help" button on the remote. Trust me.....this thing needs that "help"'ll be using it.....a lot. The sad thing is that Logitech made zero effort to help me with my problems. If they had....I would probably have kept it. I'm going to try an MX-500 now.
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by saberry from Houston.
The reviewer has used this remote control for under 1 month.
Review 31 made on Wednesday December 27, 2006 at 1:30 AM.
Also owned:Harmony 659
Strengths:Easy to program with just a little tweaking to get it to do everything you want. Rechargeable, remote lights up whenever picked up, easy to program.
Weaknesses:Personally, I like the play button between the ff and rw. On the 880, it is just to the right of these.
Review:This is another great remote in the Harmony / Logitech line. In the tradition of it's predecessors, it is easy to program via the internet, so long as you actually understand how your components operate and can answer the simple questions asked during initial setup. If you can't do this, you probably won't be happy with any universal remote control.

As mentioned, I'm not crazy about the placement of the play button, but that is extremely minor.

It's comfortable in the hand, has easy to read color display, and is rechargeable. The remote lights up anytime you pick it up which is nice when you are sitting in the dark and may not be able to put your finger right on the button you want without looking.

The biggest ergonomic change, compared to the 659 I owned prior, is the location of the shuttle buttons to the middle of the remote instead of being located awkwardly at the bottom.

It's a little more expensive than the 659 or 670, but worth the expense.
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by alexo from Canada.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 30 made on Tuesday November 28, 2006 at 11:23 PM.
Strengths:Large number of buttons
Extensive device library
Weaknesses:You have to adapt to the remote's artificial limitations instead of having it do what you want
Review:Programming this remote feels like riding a powerful motorcycle with a set of training wheels permanently welded on.

You can only program it through a "wizard"-like web interface which may seem friendly the first time but after a while all the repetetive and unneccesary steps get extremely annoying.

Although the remote can support macros, Logitech does not allow you to use them (for fear that you may not be able to handle the power?)

As of Nov, 2006, you cannot even customize the "soft" buttons to your liking. They are rearranged according to what the software designers consider "logical" and whatever customization you can do in one activity is automatically copied to the other activities.

Some things you just cannot do without asking support to do it for you. However, the tier-1 support are clueless and useless and the tier-2 support are not approachable (they may call you at their convenience)

Get an MX-700 instead.
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by m0thr4 from United Kingdom.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-2 years.
Review 29 made on Monday November 20, 2006 at 7:05 PM.
Strengths:Nice colour screen, configuration software is clear and easy to use, database of devices is extensive.
Weaknesses:Tilt sensor prone to failure, remote does not fit charging station properly, configuration relies entirely on Logitech's servers which are often unavailable for hours at a time.
Review:I was impressed that it recognised all my devices, particularly my Inday RGB4X-R component switch. It has a bit of a problem with my Mac Mini which, for some reason, it thinks is a Windows Media Center device, complete with its own built in screen.

The real problems started when I tried to get this thing to switch to the right input on my Panasonic TH37PV500B Plasma screen. Panasonic TVs have a preversely complex system for selecting inputs, and the Harmony remote rarely manages to get it right.

Also, the tilt sensor has given up working and, bizarrely, Logitech suggest that this is because of a software update they released several months ago. The workaround they've suggested in their help section doesn't rectify the problem for me and there's been no fix released yet.

Charging this unit, as others have said, is also hit-and-miss when it should be straightforward. Top Tip: I have found that by dropping the remote onto the charging station from a height of about 3 or 4 inches, it will connect properly after aboutv 6 attempts, but be careful when you do this as the remote can bounce off the charging station and onto the floor. My charging station is on the third shelf of a bookcase, so when the remote crashed onto my hardwood floor, the LCD screen cracked.

But the biggest problem of all is the slow, flaky configuration software. Sure, it's realtively easy to use, but often it just won't update your remote at the end of it all because the servers are too busy. When this happens, you just have to wait until they become available again, and in the meantime, you're stuck with a remote that's not configured quite how you want it (or possibly completely non-functional).

I would avoid this and get all those original remotes out again.
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by Bryan from Alabama.
The reviewer has used this remote control for under 1 month.
Review 28 made on Thursday October 19, 2006 at 5:54 PM.
Also owned:Pronto TSU2000
Strengths:Ergonomics - fits your hand much better than the "square" remotes
Web based configuration - a plus for some, a burden to others
NOT a touch-screen - had enough fingernailing a touch screen with my Pronto
Customer support - I had an excellent experience
Weaknesses:Feel of buttons could be improved
Charging system
Hex discretes cannot be added by user (only by tech support)
Review:I decided to move away from the my old Pronto to a non touch-screen type. So far - so good. I have a new model Sony LCD that didn't have all the video inputs available on the web application, but with one phone call they added them and I was in business. Excellent sustomer support experience!

It has good and bad points, but overall I'm pleased with my decision.
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by Robert Yale from USA.
The reviewer has used this remote control for under 1 month.
Review 27 made on Wednesday August 30, 2006 at 7:09 PM.
Also owned:Logitech Harmony 659
Strengths:Phone help was very good, and you'll probably need it.
Weaknesses:-Web-based modifications take forever and often fail.
-PC software often cannot open at all.
-Some codes that were 'learned' did the wrong operation anyway.
-Small and difficult to read screen icons and recessed LCD screen scroll button that is difficult to press
- Difficult to program for a PVR, TV, sat box combo
-Difficult to assign icons formany PVR features
Review: I spent more than 2 days learning the software and remote functions and finally realized that it couldn't do exactly what I wanted it to regarding using a Panasonic DVR/DVD burner, a Panasonic TV, and a Hughes HD satellite box. For instance, when turning off the PVR and the TV after using a programmed 'Watch A Video' activity, my sat box would turn off - something that I didn't want to happen. Other than shutting down my DVR and TV separately using the device menu, there was no way to reprogram the activity to leave the satellite box alone when ending the activity. I spent many hours on the phone with Logitech but nobody was able to solve this problem. Assigning various buttons and icons for scheduling a recording was difficult since it involves the use of the PVR, the satellite box, and the TV. I have to access the menus and submenus for the PVR and the satellite guide repeatedly and have to have separate buttons and icons associated with these functions assigned for each device during this activity. I completed the programming for this successfully (a Logitech tech checked it on the Web for me) but it wouldn't work properly since the coding for the scroll and up/down buttons on the Harmony incorrectly assigned channel scrolling commands to these functions from their code database. I had to have the Harmony relearn these individual commands again. Even functioning properly, the activity was very difficult to use.
The buttons are small, slippery, and too close together. The device and screen scroll buttons are so recessed that you almost need a pencil eraser to depress them. Many button labels are not appropriate for PVR use so assigning them can be confusing.
The Web-based programming would be wonderful if it wasn't so excruciatingly slow and if it didn't crash so often. Logitech technicians are able to see exactly how you programmed the 880 and give help based on this information. Of course you have to get used to the idea that Big Brother is watching all your choices and equipment use every time you update the unit. The technical help that I did receive from the Logitech toll-free help-line was excellent. I called numerous times and used it and was never on hold for more than a minute. Almost all of the technicians I delt with knew exactly how to assist me and I was able to solve almost all of my problems.
Asside from the design flaws I listed above the 880, like other Logitech remotes I've used, is well-constructed and looks great.
Perhaps I'm expecting too much from a $250 remote but I was disappointed and finally returned the unit after 3 days of frustration. I expect that my wife will begin talking to me again in another few days.
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by joes remote from Pennsylvania USA.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 26 made on Friday June 2, 2006 at 6:09 AM.
Strengths:Programmable via computer. (no code number entry)
Rechargable batteries
Simple to use once programmed
Weaknesses:Fun to program for computer types. All others stay away.
Review:I bought this remote to simplifiy things for my wife. She simply hasn't been able to find all the remotes and press the proper buttons to do something like watch a DVD movie. Once programmed this remote has done the trick for us. One button press and everything gets set up. Great.
Programming it was another matter. Thank goodness I am around and enjoy this stuff because she would NEVER have the patience to figure it out. The USB transfer seems to be a lot slower than I would have imagined. BTW, be sure and download version 5 which does a better job of making the connection.
All my components work great on this device except for my Sharp VHS/DVD recorder. Seems the buttons work for the DVD side but not for the VHS side. Had to program the screenside buttons to handle the VHS controls.
I am thankfull for rechargable batteries. Ran them down several times while programming and testing it out. I have NOT had problems with the recharge base as mentioned by others.
I have owned this remote for a couple weeks and have used it pretty heavy in that time. Takes time to play around with the programming. So far it has been worth the it.
Quality: Features: Value:

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