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Sony RM-AV2000 Remote Control Review
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RM-AV2000 Features:
  • Three system control buttons: Each button can be assigned a macro of up to 16 commands (including new learned signals and any buttons you have programmed in other functions). You may alternately learn a single IR code for a frequently accessed function.

    Sony RM-AV2000
    Click to enlarge. (27kb)

  • Controls up to 12 components: TV, VCR 1, VCR 2, VCR 3, DVD, DBS/CL, Amplifier, CD, MD/DAT, Tape Deck, Tuner and Option. "Option" can be assigned any component, for instance LD. Also, any function can be re-assigned to a new component, ie. set VCR 2 to operate a CD player.

  • Components that can be assigned to a function button: TV, VCR, DVD, LD, DBS, Cable, Amp, CD, MD, DAT, Tape Deck, Tuner, DSP.

  • System function buttons can have a signal assigned to them. When you press VCR 1 you can have the remote switch itself to VCR 1 and set the amp to VCR 1 (this feature is off by default). Plus, there's a bonus: if you quickly press the function button it only switches the remote to the new component but doesn't send out the assigned signal. To switch the amp you must "firmly" press the button.

  • 34 touch pads on the LCD screen: 33 can be assigned a function, and some can be assigned double-key functions, ie. direct selecting the video inputs on your TV. Only Sony TVs come pre-programmed with this however you can still learn these keys for other brands.

  • Codes for most components are already built in. For instance, you simply tell it that the TV function is set to code 28 (JVC) and all relevant buttons are set to JVC. A complete list of brands is included below, and all brand codes are included on another page.

  • You can "learn" signals off of any other remote and assign them to any button for any component: There are 33 squares that can have signals assigned. If you have unused squares you can set them not to be displayed.

  • All key labels LCD button labels are preset. However, each square has up to four descriptions that are selected according to whatever function the remote is in (TV, VCR, DVD, etc).

  • Volume buttons can be set so when you're using a Video component they adjust the TV's volume and when on an Audio component to control the amps', or set so they always control the amps'. You can also learn any new signal for them.

  • You can lock the remote so that no new codes can be programmed or re-assigned - handy when you want to make sure no one can overwrite your configuration. You may also lock the remote so that no buttons can be used.

  • The blue backlight can be set to either dim or bright. Backlight timeout can be set from 10 to 90 seconds. One word of caution, this is the brightest backlight you can find on a remote control. To conserve battery power I suggest you use "dim" mode - which is still much brighter than competing remotes.

  • Remote auto-power off can be set from 10 to 90 minutes, or disabled so that the LCD is always displayed (not recommended).

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