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Subwoofers and things on top don’t mix.
Posted by Daniel Tonks on December 12, 2006 at 1:00 AM
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So, I recently obtained myself a Sony PS3 (a minor miracle in of itself) and, as it turns out, I’m completely out of space in my A/V stand... so I set it up on the only sizable flat surface near to the television, the subwoofer. Now, don’t mistake this for a wimpy little cube, this is a Velodyne DD-15 sporting a 15” woofer with a 24 pound magnet and 1250 watts of bass amplifying goodness. Still, the subwoofer’s very heavy – 100 pounds – and even the PS3 is no featherweight itself, so I figured it wouldn’t be affected much.

Well, it may not be walking around the floor but as it turns out things on top certainly do get mobile. After watching Superman Returns on Blu-ray, the next day when I went to remove the disc I noted that the PS3 was at something of an angle, like someone had bumped it. I paid no attention and just straightened it up. Tonight, after watching Ice Age: The Meltdown – which incidentally is one monster bass movie – when I looked at the PS3... there it was at a 45 degree angle compared to when I started, precariously close to the edge.

Backtracking to some of the more memorable scenes it turns out that the PS3 is vibrating up and down quite strongly as the subwoofer belts out the bass – and amazingly, it never skipped a beat during playback.

Now would seem like a good time to upgrade to a bigger equipment stand...

Talk about the PS3...
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