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Sony RM-AV3000 and RM-VL1000 Photos
Plus improved Harmony warranty and CardonWare extender
Posted by Daniel Tonks on February 25, 2002 at 1:00 AM
RC News Story
In continuation of our recent news update on Sony's two new remote controls, the RM-AV3000 and RM-VL1000 (click here for more information), I've finally obtained decent photographs of both remotes, which you can view below. Click on either one for a larger view.

Sony RM-AV3000 Sony RM-VL1000

In further news, I've heard that the RM-AV3000 and RM-VL1000 are expected to be available in Canada in June 2002 for $299 and $149, respectively.

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Harmony Strengthens Warranty
Easy Zapper, makers of the Harmony remote control (read our new review) have lengthened the product's warranty from 90 days to 366 days - or one year and one day. Guess that's longer than most other remotes, which weigh in at a mere year! If I understand correctly, this is retroactive on Harmony remotes already sold.

In other Easy Zapper news, their initial plans to release a version of their technology (SST) for the Palm platform this February has been delayed until the third quarter of 2002. At that time they plan on releasing versions for multiple hardware and OS platforms, such as the PocketPC and Pronto, all at once with an enhanced web interface.

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iPAQ Infrared Extender
UltraMote Extender CardonWare, makers of the UltraMote remote control application for pocket PCs (see this news update) have released a new add-in infrared extender, designed for Compaq iPAQ 36xx, 37xx and 38xx series. Named the UltraMote Extender, it increases the infrared range of iPAQs to up to 50 feet. The UltraMote software package, which has recently been enhanced with macro capabilities, sells for $20 US, while the Extender rings in at $30. Both items sold together will cost $40.

Below you'll find the original press release.

CardonWare UltraMote Extender, First Consumer Infrared Add-In Card for Pocket PCs Boosts Remote Control Range Up to 50 Feet

UltraMote Software, Extender Combination Gives Pocket PCs Home Theater-Ready Performance

PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 14, 2002-- CardonWare today announced the UltraMote(TM) Extender, a patent-pending add-in card that lets user operate a variety of home entertainment and automation devices from up to 50 feet away using an iPAQ 36xx, 37xx and 38xx series Pocket PC with UltraMote universal remote software.

UltraMote Extender is the first remote control booster card and the first consumer infrared add-in card for Pocket PCs, giving these devices the same range as factory remote controls or dedicated universal remotes.

The company also has added macro capability to the UltraMote software. Users can program a set of functions, such as "play DVD", to be performed with a single button.

UltraMote software combines the functions of audio and video device remote controls into a single program. UltraMote Extender increases the power of the iPAQ's infrared capability to increase the range between users and the devices being controlled. The software and Extender support most brands of televisions, VCRs, DVDs, stereo receivers and home automation systems.

Jim Kearns, founder and president of Phoenix-based CardonWare(TM), creator of UltraMote, said, "Range has been the single biggest issue with users of Pocket PCs for controlling home entertainment systems. With UltraMote Extender and the new UltraMote software, Pocket PC users are home theater-ready and get the range and functionality of many dedicated remotes."

With the latest UltraMote software, users can set up multiple macros that combine a number of commands. For example, users might set up macros to play a DVD, play the VCR, or start to record a program. Users also can customize their programs with standard "skins" or graphics or create and import their own images for screens and buttons.

UltraMote Extender and UltraMote remote control software are available now at the UltraMote website, . Pricing is $20 U.S. for the software only, $30 U.S. for UltraMote Extender, and $40 U.S. for the Extender and software. There is a free 14-day trial period available for the software only, for users to ensure compatibility with their equipment. The Extender card initially will ship only in the United States.

All brands and trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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